Sydney’s Conscious Club – we’re hooked.

Long before Gwyneth waxed eloquent about being consciously uncoupled, the Conscious Club in Sydney was taking hold.

Sydney’s Conscious Club is a tool to help you live life to the full by asking questions like:. “If you had all the money in the world, hands up who would keep their day job?” A show of less than a quarter of hands rise.

Two Bondi Beauties went along to see what all the fuss is about:

Conscious Club? It will blow your mind!

­­­­­What is your passion? What inspires you? Are you living your dream? Conscious Club asks the tough questions and encourages you to find the answers.

“If you had all the money in the world, hands up who would keep their day job?” A show of less than a quarter of hands rise. Safe to say, most of us are not living out our dreams.

What is the Conscious Club?

One evening every month Paddington Town Hall is filled with an abundance of enlightening entertainment including live music, films, knowledge presentations, guest speakers, motivational quotes, art walls and an opportunity to be in the presence of hundreds of mediating minds. A delicious vegetarian dinner and dessert is served for you to enjoy while meeting new people.

This is the Conscious Club is a not for profit event created by friends Tim Brown and Gary Gorrow. It first opened its doors in August 2011 and has seen capacities from 200 to 600 people.

Where did it come from?

After working for years in various production roles in the film industry and then the fashion industry, Gorrow could feel himself starting to burn out. It was during his time in the fashion industry that he noticed his brother, George Gorrow, the man behind the Ksubi fashion label, was always calm. This is when he was introduced to meditation, something that changed his life.

For Brown, it was tough returning to Australia’s Western culture after spending two years working in agriculture in Uzbekistan. Brown’s aunt suggested he try meditation which he grudgingly did.

Both men bonded over their passion for meditation which led them to become certified meditation instructors. It wasn’t long before their clients expressed what they’d felt too, that going out to clubs and getting drunk and then hung over was something they no longer desired. They decided to create a space where people could get together for a night out and have fun and meet people and, for a change, get highly conscious.They like to refer to it as ‘enlighter-tainment’.

The BB Experience

BB had the pleasure of attending the Conscious Club in Sydney. There is an exciting vibe as soon as you arrive. Upon entering you are immersed with sounds, people and energy. What makes it so special is that everyone attending is there with a positive mindset to do something good for themselves and for others.

The presentation begins with two short films. Both were extremely uplifting reaching out to you and what you want out of your life and how you can achieve that. One particularly inspiring film told the story of Slowmo, a man who gave up his career as a highly successful (spiritually unfulfilling) neurologist to simply “do what he wants,” which evidently was to skate all day every day. There are many wonderful things about this short film, but what resonated with us the most was the pure happiness Slowmo expressed when doing what he wants.

How many of us can say we do that?

Guest speaker for the night was a man who makes a living from his unique passion – international beat-boxer Tom Thum. He shared his personal journey of growing up in Brisbane and the influence breakdancing, hip hop, graffiti and skate parks have had on him and his successful career.

Tom has inspired prison inmates, held workshops in indigenous communities and helped youth workers to keep kids off the streets.

“Everyone is blessed with the right equipment to do what I do – but they don’t, I don’t understand why.”  – Tom Thum

You can’t leave without a delicious sweet treat and introducing yourself to three people. Everyone gets into it and it’s a great experience to meet likeminded people who are doing something to better their own lives and the lives of others.

The club extends beyond the night by encouraging you to share what you have learnt with others through conversation, participation and collaborating on their blog where anyone can post pictures, quotes, videos, articles to inspire others.

The club also has an initiative called the Do Good Challenge. It asks you what you would do for others and/or the community if you had $500 to spare. Every event a winner is chosen and they are given the money to go out and do exactly that, which is filmed and posted on the website and viewed at the event.

From our experience BB feel the Conscious Club is about empowering yourself to reach your full potential. It’s about sharing your story and ideas and encouraging others to do the same. It’s about giving to yourself, to others and the community.

Tickets are $65 for adults with discounts for students and kids.

For more information head to, because life’s too short to not be living your dream.

Bondi Beauty were guests of The Conscious Club.

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