The Perfect FRIENDS Episode To Solve All Your Relationship Problems.

Friends cast sipping milkshakes.

Since the long-awaited reunion episode has sadly been postponed due to COVID-19, we have come up with an entertaining yet beneficial way to give you the FRIENDS fix you so desperately need.

If you have been struggling to get through a rough patch in your relationship, perhaps it’s time you ask yourself – what would Rachel from Friends do?

Known to be one of the greatest American sitcoms to grace our screens, Friends has and continues to have a cult-following for its unmatched ability to entertain and connect with viewers from all over the world.

From dealing with heartbreak to knowing when that special someone might just be the one, Friends covers it all.

Here are 3 iconic Friends episode that serve as valuable lessons on how you can get you and your partner out of your relationship rut.

Communicate Clearly – Episode 16, Season 3

The one with the morning after
Ross and Rachel’s unravelling as a couple.

This episode is more famously-known for its iconic line “We were on a break!”, marking a moment in Ross and Rachel’s relationship that would change the course of their future forever.

When Rachel is sick of fighting she comes to the conclusion that perhaps they should put their relationship on pause.

Ross however, takes this to mean they should break up and acts accordingly.

As a viewer, this episode stands as a warning of what can happen if you don’t communicate properly with your partner, especially when you are fighting.

In the heat of an argument, it isn’t uncommon to misinterpret what your partner is trying to convey.

This episode serves as a lesson about the importance of relaying your thoughts clearly and asking questions for clarification. 

If Ross and Rachel had followed this advice there would probably be 5-less seasons to indulge in their on-again, off-again relationship, but hey – I’m not complaining.

Ultimatums Never Work – Episode 6, Season 5

The one with the Yeti
Ultimatums never work.

In this episode, we follow Ross’ battle to keep his relationship with his new-wife Emily, after accidentally saying Rachel’s name at the altar.

After Emily gives Ross an ultimatum stating that in order to keep her as his wife he can never see Rachel again. 

After he agrees to this, Emily starts to control other aspects of his life as well.

It is abundantly clear from watching this episode that in relationships, ultimatums do not work.

Aside from being inherently toxic and destructive, ultimatums create unnecessary pressure elevate tension and lead to resentment.

The biggest take away from this episode is that if you have unmet needs, an ultimatum is not the way to go, instead choose to have a healthy discussion in order to find the perfect compromise otherwise you may be heading for a breakup.

Sometimes Age Does Matter – Episode 24, Season 2

The one with barry and mindy's wedding.
At some point you have to think about the future.

When Monica starts dating one of her dad’s best friends Richard, she begins to realise that age does matter when it comes to what you want.

The DTR (define the relationship) conversation allows a couple to talk about what they actually want out of the relationship.

For some it may be marriage, babies and a white picket fence, for others it could be companionship and nothing more.

After a few flags come up showing Monica that Richard doesn’t want the same things as her, she is forced to decide whether to stay in the relationship or not.

From this episode we can learn that conversations like these are important to have early on especially if you are dating someone from a significantly lower or higher age-group.

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