What Is the Bad Pancake Theory In Dating?



The Bad Pancake Theory: Why the first guy (or girl) you date after a serious relationship is destined to fail.

Just like the first pancake in the batch, the theory is it will end up burnt.

I usually don’t like these kinds of dating analogies, but this one I am 100% behind.

The first pancake is always the trial pancake; you haven’t cooked pancakes in a long time, you’re using a new pan, you can’t remember how long you leave it until you flip the pancake over and when you do, half gets stuck to the bottom.

The first pancake is a hot damn mess and while it may have been fun for a short time, it belongs in the bin.

The Bad Pancake Theory was the subject of an entire episode of Younger. For those of you who don’t watch this fabulous ‘Sex and the City’ style show, I suggest you start ASAP.

The show, which stars Hillary Duff, has provided many pearls of dating wisdom, but this is the mother pearl. While yes, it’s still ‘technically’ a theory, so is global warming.

Unlike most dating advice floating around, this one makes a lot of sense.

Kelsey Peters, AKA Hillary, from Younger.

Unless you’re the tin man and were born without a heart, moving on from a serious relationship is incredibly hard to do for many reasons, and when you do finally move on, dating again isn’t much easier.

You have to get your groove back, you’re entering into a world you haven’t been in for a couple of years and SURPRISE! A lot has changed. There are new rules, new apps and new men with new behaviour.

It’s around about the time that single life is starting to look kinda fun as you knock back that third glass of champers on a Friday night in your bomb AF outfit, that you will find your bad pancake.

Bad pancakes aren’t all bad though, they’re actually pretty necessary.

You need to make the first pancake to get the second, and maybe third, just right for you.

And besides, pancakes are still tasty and delicious even when they’re a little rough around the edges.

Like every theory, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Which is even more of a reason to date the bad pancake, you may surprise yourself and nail it first time round.

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