4 Easy Ways To Get Closer To Your Partner

how to boost your relationship with your partner

All Couples often have issues. Financial challenges, work pressure, and trouble with in-laws are just a few examples, but there are easy ways to get closer to your partner.

There may also be times when you and your partner are too busy to really connect with each other. This is especially true if you or your partner deals with zoom meetings, working from home, and caregiving to relatives.

These daily challenges can leave little to no time for couples to spend time together, especially to engage in bedroom action!

Promoting A Physical Connection With Your Mate

Since it’s a way to express love and affection, intimacy is critical in a relationship. Plus it keeps partners connected and provides assurance and security. 

Here are four ways to keep the connection healthy and ensure sparks continue to fly even amongst challenges:

  1. Express Your Fears And Desires 

Communication is a way to cultivate intimacy. Hence, find time to talk to your partner. Opening up to them not only eases your anxiety, but it can also help you find comfort and assurance. Set aside 30-60 minutes each day to talk about the hard things. Deep conversations help you learn more about each other and even provide you with a fresh perspective to help resolve concerns about your children, finances, or at work. 

Aside from talking about countless issues, you can also express your sexual desires. For instance, both of you can spice things up by exploring sex guides separately or together. These provide new, fresh ideas, and might even stimulate some fantasies.

  1. Start With Self-Care 

Self-care goes a long way in a relationship as you can only give what you have. When you feel good about yourself, you’re more likely to be able to give more. Exercising regularly helps on every level. It not only keeps you strong and flexible, but it can also be the key to a better sex life

There is also your mental well-being. You can practice mindfulness to lower stress and purge yourself from negativity. Make it a habit to focus on simple activities such as sipping your morning coffee, feeling the sun’s rays hit your face, or taking a hot shower.

  1. Find Your Love Language

Intimate relationships go beyond sex. Connection can transcend to a deeper level when live is expressed in various forms. While there are a hundred and one ways to say ‘I love you,’ touch and thoughtful acts can make intimate relationships stronger. 

Simple gestures give assurance and even provide comfort, especially during times of great distress. A brief shoulder rub, cuddling during movie marathons, a spooning session before bed, or some heavy petting can help reconnect. 

Surprising your spouse with little treats, such as breakfast in bed, or folding laundry, can make them feel valued. . It could also be our way of saying thank you for everything our partner has done to keep us sane during tough times. 

Spending quality time can help both of you to become more in tune with one another. Make each other your fitspiration as you work out together or have fun recreating a date night at home with a theme in mind. 

Doing activities you both love creates wonderful memories.

  1. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder 

Couple time is good, but you also need space to grow. Schedule some serious ‘me time’ and reap benefits from solitude. Use it for a self-care routine, learn a new hobby, read a book, or meditate. Another idea is to set up an ‘only me’ corner at home to do the things you love, then do the same for your partner. 

You can also use ‘me time’ to reconnect with friends.

You can catch up with your friends or relatives through social media. Organizing a virtual reunion for your high school or gathering like minds and do an online service project is another option. You can also join online communities or find courses that’ll help improve your personality or let you learn new skills. 

Spending time alone isn’t only beneficial for you, but it will also nourish your relationship. It gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams and even find ways to become a better person. Being apart can keep things exciting as you both have time for your personal pursuits. Space between you and your spouse can ignite your fondness for each other. The things you both learned while you’re apart can make chat more fun.

Victoria Nash


Victoria is a guest contributor for Bondi Beauty, who writes about a variety of fitness, beauty and health topics. She is a freelance writer who works for a variety of different publications across Australia, as she loves having the flexibility to write for different brands about different subjects.

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