Now there’s an app for your fertility



It feels like there is an app for just about everything, and a new one can predict your fertility.


A new app can predict your fertility


We have to warn that this app is no to be used in place of contraception, but is a way to read your cycle, and can be helpful if you are trying to fall pregnant.

Clue is a new app that allows you to predict not only ovulation but when your next period is coming. It’s based on monitoring your cycle.

You simply enter data about your mood, period status, sexual activity, pain and the app does the rest. Two days before you menstruate the app will let you know, so there are no surprises.

The more information you key in, the more accurate Clue can predict your next cycle. The app stresses that ‘your body is not a clock’ and having a cycle that varies from the text book norm may not be something to worry about, but after a few months, you will have a record of your cycles, and know your body a lot more.

The app can be used with contraception as an aid to family planning. The Clue calendar marks your most fertile window and in effect when to avoid sexual activity for more peace of mind.

Similarly, if you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, being more aware of your ovulation period will be a massive help, as you can ensure you are giving yourselves the best possible chance of pregnancy.

By being able to predict your next bout of PMS with Clue, you will be able to interpret what symptoms are relevant to you and always be prepared, whether that’s having pain killers at the ready or a skin care regime to reduce hormonal pimples.

What’s more, Clue is currently working on a feature which allows users to share their cycle data with each other. It’s commonly known that women who spend long stretches of time together whether living or working together can have cycles which work in tandem, so would this be a good idea?

What do you think? Innovative or too much information?


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