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Plastic-free July is a way you can help save the environment.

This July, the eco-friendly, zero-waste and ethically conscious company Biome has encouraged their buyers to participate in a Plastic Free July.

Biome is a company that sells eco-friendly products to promote a zero waste lifestyle.

Their research found “Australians can save up to $763.05 and 797 plastic items from landfill every year by swapping five common household products with plastic free reusable alternatives.”

These 5 products include:

  1. Takeaway coffee annual savings: $111
  2. Bottled water annual savings: $502.55
  3. Zip lock plastic sandwich bags annual savings: $9.75
  4. Disposable razors annual savings: $78.91
  5. Laundry liquid annual savings: $60.84

By substituting these 5 products with more ecological options, Australians will save hundreds of dollars every year.

Tracey Bailey, founder of Biome and passionate environmentalist said, “With the rising cost of living affecting many Australians, it’s a great time to not only make lifestyle changes that benefits the environment, but your household budget too.”

“Plastic Free July, which aligns with the new financial year, presents the perfect opportunity to start your new money and planet saving routine. By reducing the use of everyday plastic items, you’re not only reducing waste and saving money, but you’re saving the resources used to produce those items in the first place.”

Here are some ecologically viable items to swap out with those impractical plastic products we find ourselves buying every other day.

Keep Cup

5 coffee keep cups against white background
Keep cups have revolutionised coffee culture by promoting environmental sustainability.

Keep cups have revolutionised coffee culture, not to mention they are helping save the planet one latte at a time.

Biome Keep Cup RRP $11 – $42 

ASOS Keep Cup RRP $11

Avanti Go Cup RRP $13.95

Frank Green Keep CupRRP $32.95 – $45.95

Sol Keep Cup RRP $27.99 – $44.95

Reusable Water Bottle

blonde woman holding up blue drink bottle on a beach
Use a reusable water bottle to help reduce plastic and improve the health of the environment.

Purchasing plastic water bottles have a largely damaging effect on the environment.

It takes approximately 450 years for one plastic bottle to decompose according to 

Plastic bottles will end up in landfills or the ocean where the pose a threat to sea life.

The best way to help reduce plastic is to invest in a reusable water bottle.

Biome Stainless Steel Water Bottle RRP $29.95 – $34.95

D+K Stainless Steel Water Bottle RRP $19.95

Oasis Stainless Steel Water Bottle RRP $17.95

Bindle Bottle RRP $39

Avanti Stainless Steel Water Bottle RRP $17.95

Reusable Zip Lock Bags

Reusable bags with wooden cutlery and nuts
A reusable sandwich bag can last over a decade and are a great replacement for plastic sandwich bags.

A reusable sandwich bag can last for over a decade if they are made of silicone, polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) or cotton.

They are a great replacement for one-use plastic sandwich bags.

Biome Ecopocket  RRP $12.99

4MyEarth Sandwich Wrap RRP $15.99

Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags RRP $19.95 – $49.95

Safety Razors

Shaved leg with shaving apparatus against pink background
Safety razors are the reusable alternative to the disposable plastic razors and are cheaper.

Safety razors are the reusable alternative to the disposable plastic razors where the blade become blunts every few weeks.

Safety razors require stainless steel blades that come in packs of 5 and are way cheaper than buying an entirely new razor each time.

Parker Shaving Safety Razor RRP  $28 $65

BawBaw Bamboo Safety Razor RRP $39.50

Eco-Friendly Laundry Liquid

Blonde woman in workout gear holding red laundry bucket
To reduce the copious amounts of unnecessary plastic wasted from doing laundry, purchasing bulk bags of soapberries are a great alternative.

Laundry detergent bottles are frequently purchased to keep up with the amount of laundry being done each week.

To help reduce the copious amounts of unnecessary plastic wasted from doing laundry, purchasing bulk bags of soapberries are a great alternative as they come in reusable cotton bags.

You only need 5 berries per wash.

The Red House Soapberries bag RRP $18.50 – $43

Making these easy ecological swaps for Plastic Free July will save over 700 plastic products from ending up in landfill or the ocean.

Other ways to reduce plastic in our everyday lives include, using shampoo bars instead of bottles, taking reusable bags instead of plastic bags when grocery shopping, purchasing a reusable metal straw, using beeswax wraps instead of plastic food wrap, opting for sustainable period products and using zero waste beauty products.

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