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After a motorcycle accident left Chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland in constant pain, he took inspiration from his handheld drill to massage his body. Bondi Beauty sat down the founder to hear about his journey.

The Theragun has been hailed as one of the best self-massage devices in the world, thanks to its unique and strong technology that targets aches and pains. It was born out of a need to reduce constant and debilitative pain.

Founder of the theragun
The inventor and founder of the theragun, Dr. Jason Wersland, says his life has been drastically changed.

In 2007, on the morning of his last exam at the Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles, Dr. Jason Wersland didn’t think twice about strapping on his motorcycle helmet.

But by the end of the day, his world would change forever.

He was travelling at approximately 88km/h, weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway, when a car failed to check their blind spot. As a result, Jason slammed into the side of the car, and although his injuries were not life-threatening, the consequence was a rollercoaster of constant and debilitative pain.

“I had sacrificed everything to go to chiropractic school and suddenly, due to the injuries I sustained from the accident, I was unable to practice,” he says.

“I felt helpless and scared,”

“Often the pain was so bad I didn’t want to eat or even talk to my kids.”

But yet from the darkest places of pain and injury often comes the greatest discoveries.

“In order to treat my injuries, I searched for a handheld device to provide deep muscle relief, but I was unable to find anything on the market.

 “As a result, I made something for myself and it worked. It worked better than I could have ever imagined.”

In 2008, out of inspiration from a handheld power drill, the first model of the theragun was born.

After eight years of development and five different versions later, the first consumer launch brought the Theragun to market in 2016, which utilised a new form of pain relief called Theragun Percussive Therapy (TPT).

Watch how the Theragun works it’s magic, hitting the body at 40 times per second.

Now, says Dr. Wersland, the device is used by over 250 professional sports teams worldwide, physical therapists, trainers, and chiropractors.

The ease of use in the design also makes it ideal for everyday people, on the go, with one of the models also offering interchangeable batteries, allowing for continuous use.

“Our mission at Theragun is to help people reconnect with their bodies,” says Dr. Wersland

What is TPT and how does the Theragun differ from traditional, manual forms of massage?

When you first encounter a Theragun, the intense action, the nozzle pounding back and forth, can be a little intimidating – but that’s exactly how the machine works its magic.

This up and down movement is called a percussive motion. When this moves on and off the body, as fast as 40 times per second with the Theragun, this has a positive effect deep within, releasing tension and built up aches.

This is more effective than a manual massage with hands, because the Theragun’s action can go deeper; at up to 16mm into the muscle.

Theragun gif
The Theragun’s unique triangle shape makes it easy to hold, while the machine arm can be moved to massage those hard to reach places.

“This increases blood flow, prevents and eliminates adhesions, hydrates tissue and unload peripheral nerve restrictions,” says Dr. Wersland.

“Most body aches are caused by muscle tension, so that’s why we created the Theragun, to help release that tension and improve mobility and alleviate the aches we all feel from modern-day life.”

It’s highly important to relieve these tensions, whether one is engaging in hardcore exercise or not.

“Tension builds up in our bodies from everything we do; working out, carrying luggage, sitting at our desks, being a mother, the examples go on and on,” says Dr. Wersland.

“If we relieve the tension build up, the compounding effect on our health will slowly decline and we will become diseased,” he says.

Additionally, the percussive movement of the Theragun contributes to the Gate Control Theory of Pain, which helps alleviate pain.

What is the Gate Control Theory of Pain?

Essentially, the Gate Control Theory of Pain blocks the pain receptors from reaching the brain.

“Gate Control Theory shows us that specific non-painful input can close the nerve gates to painful input,” he says.

“So, the non-noxious percussive motion that the Theragun actually provides suppresses the pain you are experiencing.”

The movement helps blood rush to the area, improving circulation, and unwinding those knots, much the same as a traditional massage – but the force the Theragun produces goes deeper into the tissue. The pain isn’t completely eliminated, but the short-term relief is undeniable.

Bondi Beauty road tested the most expensive model of the Theragun, the G3PRO. Click here to read our full review.

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