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From the right lip colour, to concealer, to that secret Zoom filter that nobody knows about, here are 6 ways to look great on Zoom.

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, the lounge, bed and spare rooms of everyday people are being transitioned into home offices.

If you’re working from home, by now you’ve probably come across the concept of Zoom, a video-conferencing software for online meetings. You might even be dating on it.

And while it can be tempting to go business on the top and party on the bottom by wearing pyjamas, it’s impossible to hide your face and the fact that you’ve just rolled out of bed minutes before a meeting has started.

6 ways to look great on zoom
How everyone feels right about now – but you don’t have to look it.

Here are six tips for looking great on Zoom, so as to not scare away your co-workers.

6 ways to look great on zoom; coverfx highlighter
This COVERFX highlighter is a bold pop of colour

Add some Highlight

Adding highlighter to certain parts of the face can be an effective way to brighten the face and look more awake.

Apply a white or silver based highlighter to the corner of your eyes to open them up and make them pop. The COVERFX Shimmer Veil (RRP $44) Highlighter provides a bold, shimmering colour, perfect for making the eyes stand out and appear more lively.

Don’t forget those cheekbones, too. Apply above and on the cheekbones to capture any natural light that is filtering through, giving a natural, healthy glow. Our current favourite is the all natural INIKA Liquid Glow Illuminisor (RRP $55).

6 ways to look great on zoom; iNIKA Highlighter
A warm glow adds a sunkissed touch

With a nude-tan undertone, this highlighter is perfect for providing a radiant glow, while also giving off a sunkissed colour; perfect for days you can’t be bothered to also apply foundation.

Bring life to your lips

Adding colour to your lips is essential to avoid those pale, corpse-like lips. Opt for a warm, pinky tone to keep the ala-natural look alive.

Tinted lip balms or lipsticks with a satin finish are best here too, as matte lipsticks may crack and look faded on camera, which isn’t a cute look for anybody.

6 ways to look great on zoom; trinny london lip colour
An ideal work from home colour that isn’t overpowering

The Trinny London Lip Luxe / Lip Colour in shade Eugenie is the perfect work-from-home lip product. The cool nude-pink hue is the perfect natural-pop of colour to revive your lips from their pale indoors state, while the formula gives off a subtle gloss.

Dry Shampoo is your best friend

When there’s no prospect of leaving the house, putting in the effort and washing your hair can often be the last thing you want to do, especially if it is just for a zoom meeting.

But, as BB Founder Renae says, putting in the time to groom yourself properly is just a basic act of self-love.

If your hair is in between washes, don’t forget our age-old friend Dry Shampoo. A quick spray and zhoosh of the hair before a video call helps to immediately boost life back into your hair, and it won’t leave it looking limp or dull.

To give the appearance of a fresh blow dry, Garnier hairstylist Ashley Streicher also recommends using a small round brush to smooth out the roots and create volume.

Use Concealer to help fight undereye bags

On camera applications such as Zoom, undereye bags can be exacerbated and make you look tired and aged.

Even if you’re not wearing foundation, concealer can still work wonders at hiding undereye bags. Opt for a creamy concealer that provides full coverage and doesn’t crack, such as the IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer (RRP $40).

6 ways to look great on zoom; IT Cosmetics
Unereye bags be gone

To best conceal imperfections, apply the concealer by drawing small upside down triangle shapes under the eye, and then buff out with a beauty blender.

Get the angle and lighting right

When it comes to taking a selfie, you wouldn’t put the camera below your neck and look down. Why? The result is a direct view to your double (if not triple) chin, an angle that isn’t flattering for anyone.

The same applies with a zoom call.

Make sure your laptop’s videocam is directed to straight on your face, so you’re not looking down or up.

Further, make sure those lights are brightening up your look, not darkening it. Overhead lights are bet to be avoided and replaced with lamps, Chief lighting technician from movies “Little Women” and “SMILF,” Joshua Dreyfus, told the Boston Globe.

Dreyfus also recommended positioning yourself near a north-facing window, but also ensure the natural light doesn’t cause too many shadows behind you, which can darken how you look on camera.

Having a particularly rough day? There’s a Zoom filter for that

And for when you just can’t be bothered and the bags under your eyes are beyond a touch up, Zoom has a filter to save you.

Under Video Settings, In the lower-left hand corner of the screen, click the option for “Touch Up My Appearance”.

 Zoom says the effect will “help smooth out the skin tone on your face, to present a more polished looking appearance when you display your video to others,” the filter retouching the video display with a soft focus.

The filter also helps to lighten and brighten the video if your workspace isn’t particularly well lit, which is great for a subtle brightening of your dark under-eye bags.

The result is a natural, dewy makeup look that your boss won’t even know isn’t real.

For something else to spice up your Zoom meeting, there’s also the option of adding a fun, fabulous background. Now you can “be” in the Bahamas, a botanical garden, or even a spaceship.

 And for when you CAN be bothered

Don your best formal frock and engage with #FormalFridays, a social media trend that is sweeping the world.

Flipping Casual Fridays on its head, #FormalFridays encourages people to stay connected and lighten the mood during isolation by wearing ball gowns, tuxedos, or costumes during zoom meetings held on Fridays.

American comedian Jimmy Kimmel, his wife and their two kids took to Instagram to encourage others to engage in the practice, dressed in a tuxedo, formal dress, Frozen costume and Spiderman costume respectively.

jimmy kimmel formal fridays
Jimmy Kimmel is making #FormalFridays happen
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