How Exclusively Using Hemp Oil Was The Best Decision Ever

24 hours of Hemp Oil Brand Koko & Kush - Worth the Hype?

Using a hemp oil ONLY for my skincare routine gave me the best skin I have ever had.

We wanted to know if Koko & Kush was worth the hype, so we decided to test this theory by committing 24 hours to exclusively using their HIGHly revered hemp oil beauty line.

They are the whole package when it comes to skincare – sustainable, vegan-friendly, Australia-made, female-founded and cruelty free.

At 21, you could characterise my skin texture as the Sahara Desert. You could search for days and you would find no moisture, just dry, cracked earth.

To make matters worse, my body produces more oil to compensate for dryness which then combines with my flakey skin, resulting in large clogged pores.

I have tried all sorts of serums, masks and moisturizers only to learn the hard way that my skin is sensitive to products with fragrance oils. 

That is, until I discovered hemp oil.


Skin before 24 hours of Hemp Oil Brand Koko & Kush

Initially, I was skeptical. I had always classified hemp with cannabis and was concerned about accidentally getting high when applying moisturiser!

However, after conducting research I realised hemp oil is made from a strain of Marijuana that contains very low levels of THC, the part of the plant that gets you “high”. This means it is completely safe and legal to use, not to mention has irrefutable skin benefits.

That’s where Koko & Kush come in. 

The company was founded in 2021 by entrepreneur, Cindy Lim. Her COVID maskne (acne from wearing a mask too long) was the catalyst for creating the natural Hemp-based skincare.

Koko & Kush is the marriage of her passion for sustainability and her desire to “remove the intimidation factor from your skincare routine.” 

Overall, Koko & Kush is the whole package when it comes to skincare – refillable products, vegan-friendly, Australia-made, cruelty free and the brand has a great sense of humour!

The witty product names such as Bong Appetit are a nod to their hero ingredient, hemp oil, as well as an attempt to make hemp more approachable due to its association with cannabis. 

Cindy says it best:

“I know it’s (hemp oil) a controversial ingredient because of our gal MJ, but we’re not living in the stoned ages here and this beauty is 110% legal baby!”

Cindy Lim

Amusingly, she sets the record for the amount of weed puns on an About Us page.

1. Pineapple Express Mask – $48

In the week prior to my 24 hour challenge I did not use any skincare products. Yes, that meant no moisturiser, no makeup remover, and certainly no makeup.

I started the 24 hours with the Pineapple Express mask to purge any and all impurities from my choked up pores.

A skin baptism, if you will. I have never used a Powder to Paste mask before so for the first time in years…I read the instructions. 3 parts powder and 1 part water. It had a more liquid consistency than I expected.

While I waited for the hemp oil mask to absorb into the dusty landscape that is my face, I finished an episode of the Netflix series, Love Is Blind (how good is this season!).

For those that don’t know it’s a show where strangers date without seeing each other. This is similar to our hemp oil experiment. Both are taking a chance.

Like all my facial treatment experiences, my skin came out smooth and finally cleansed from my week of neglect. 

However, you can never tell if this is a temporary feeling or a long lasting skin life changer. Find out how long a HydraFacial treatment lasts here.

2. Nuggs and Kisses Hemp Oil + Raspberry Moisturiser – $78

Koko & Kush Nuggs and Kisses

Secondly, I tried the Koko & Kush Nuggs and Kisses (I will never not laugh at these names) moisturiser as a substitute to primer. Usually, I use the Benefit Pore-fessional (clever) Primer before putting on a light layer of foundation or bb cream.

However, today I substituted that entire process with Nuggs and Kisses to truly commit to the 24 hours of Koko & Kush.

My first impression was repulsion at the smell – I’m used to products with added fragrances. On their website I found a fitting disclaimer:

Although we’re colourful and look delicious – Don’t expect a sexy smell. We pride ourselves on having 100% fragrance free skincare to ensure no chemicals are here to irritate your skin, even sensitive!

Koko & Kush

This was a comforting discovery knowing how reactive my skin can be towards exfoliants, fragrances, alcohol, sulfates, and preservatives.

Initially, I thought the hemp oil cream was too light weight for my dehydrated T-zone. Although, within an hour of applying I could already feel more elasticity in my forehead. Was this placebo effect? Who knows.

3. A Daze Work Hemp Oil + Blueberry Cleanser – $68

Koko & Kush A Daze Work Cleanser

After completing a day’s work, I tried the appropriately named, A Daze Work Cleanser. I have a habit of touching my face throughout the day. So, the knowledge that this happens between touching door knobs and flushing toilets deeply disturbs the germaphobe side of me. 

It took about 100 pumps for the product to come out, but after that it was smooth sailing. The Cleanser requires damp skin so I rinsed my face first. I could already feel the gunk being released from the caverns of my features.

Whilst normal cleansers tend to leave you high and dry, the hemp oil nourishes the cleansed skin.

Following this step, Koko & Kush recommends Nuggs and Kisses. Thus, like a faithful disciple I covered my slightly damp face and décolletage – meaning “expose the neck” in French. For women, this is usually where the first sign of ageing occurs. Never forget this part of your body.

4. Bong Apetit Hemp Oil + Watermelon Serum – $88

24 hours of Hemp Oil Brand Koko & Kush - Is It Worth the Hype?

Finally, to finish the 24 hours of Koko & Kush, I pumped 3 squirts of Bong Appétit into my hands.

Apparently, it is more effective to PRESS the serum into your skin rather than simply smear. This goes for all toners, essences, serums, moisturizers, and eye creams because these liquid-based products absorb more successfully with this technique. You learn something new everyday!


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a drastic result. Furthermore, I even thought my skin would worsen with the change of skincare routine. However, I timed this experiment well with the change of weather, since cold air dries the skin out even more than summer. 

Ultimately, the 24 hours of Koko & Kush proved worthwhile as my skin appeared high-drated (I couldn’t resist) and my pores were visibly smaller.

I’m glad I made the decision to experiment with hemp oil skincare brand Koko & Kush. While the results were successful, let’s see if it will surpass the test of time.

Enjoy the high life of Hemp!

Maddy Remedios


Madeleine is a passionate graphic designer who started her career making birthday collages for her friends. Now she spends her free time either walking around the neighbourhood, painting or reading a romance novel out in the sun. Before the pandemic, her dream was to travel all over Europe to gain valuable life experiences. She plans to pursue this dream as soon as possible.

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