GHD’s Newest Styling Tool Is The Easiest Way To Create Another Great Hair Day

The GHD Duet-Style is a game-changer, as it can transform wet hair into perfectly styled, dry hair in half the time it would take using multiple hair tools.

GHD, the iconic hair care brand, is off to a scorching start this year, exceeding their impressive 185-degree temperature control.  

It’s no secret GHD has been a dominant force in the hair care industry since the company launched in 2001.

The high-tech hair tools are sold in over 50,000 salons worldwide, and it’s likely most women have owned a GHD styling tool at some point in their lives.

GHD’s reputation as a leader in all things hair is well-deserved, as their styling tools are the go-to choice for many women seeking a flawless, at home salon-worthy look. In fact, with GHD, a good hair day is almost a given – pun definitely intended!

GHD’s newest creation, the Duet-Style, is a versatile two-in-one hot air tool that is designed to both dry and style the hair, all in one.

When getting ready, many women opt for convenient and time-saving hacks. This tool is perfect for travel, as this tool does the job of both.

At first glance, the GHD duet-style looks like an extra-large plated straightener, a significant step away from their infamous sleek platinum ranges that promises more than styling by protecting colour by two times more than other straighteners and reduces breakage by 70%.

GHD has just released it's newest multi-styling tool called the Duet-Style
GHD has just released its newest multi-styling tool.

The technology

The Duet-Style combines advanced internal aerodynamics with intelligent low-temperature plates allowing for efficient drying and styling simultaneously.

The four styling plates are infused with GHD’s infamous infinity sensors, which predict each individual’s hair needs and are finished with an ultra-gloss coating. This provides users with a snag-free and seamless styling experience.

When in drying mode, the heated plates operate at a lower temperature for damage and sizzle-free styling. There are also root-drying vents along the tool that concentrates airflow outward at a lower temperature for optimal root drying without excessive heat.

The exclusive Shine Shot mode transforms the styling tool into a GHD styler, operating at the ultimate temperature of 185 degrees Celsius, proven by GHD researchers, specifically designed for use on dry hair only.

How to use it?

Similarly, to other hair tools, simply section towel-dried hair and hold the duet-style for 2-3 seconds at the root before gliding toward the ends. Repeat up to 2-4 times until the hair is dry.

At a premium price of AU $595 it certainly is an investment for all hair fanatics. Although, it does fair slightly under other top styling tools, like the Dyson Airwrap currently topping the market.

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