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A new app called Mentemia helps users learn to control their anxiety, and there is a reason it’s had wild success in its first few weeks.

“I thought I was a failure if I asked for help, but then I realised it’s the most courageous thing I could do” says Mick Fanning, and Mentemia has come at the perfect time to provide support.

Legendary surfer Mick Fanning – Image credit: Red Bull Content

Anxiety is currently at an all time high in Australia. It is not uncommon to feel anxious in times of high uncertainty or change. 

Mental health is on the minds of all Australians at the moment, whether it be first hand impact or trying to help those who are affected.

The app distinguishes itself from what is already available as it takes medically proven techniques and transforms them into interactive and engaging tasks. It works to help recognise stress and puts forth methods to support and improve anxiety.

After a few quick quizzes, the app presents tailored activities to complete daily that can help reduce anxiety and stress.

There are a lot of ways to get on top of anxiety when it strikes. Studies have shown regular exercise is extremely effective in controlling and reducing the symptoms of anxiety.

Similarly, consistently practicing meditation works to calm the mind and boost energy. Guided meditations are an easy way to learn and start meditation.

The app store has plenty of great apps to reduce anxiety. However, this recent launch distinguishes itself from the rest.

With current restrictions in Australia, it can be difficult to seek professional help or simply just ‘check in’ with someone. This app has arrived at a time where digitally led personal mental health wellbeing assistance is most needed.

Having recently launched in New Zealand, Mentemia, meaning ‘my mind’ in Italian has just arrived to Australia.

The app strives to provide practical tips and techniques to help people take control of their mental wellbeing and help others.

Co-created by All Blacks superstar Sir John Kirwan, who is renowned for his efforts and contribution to supporting young people impacted by mental health issues and Adam Clark, one of New Zealand’s leading tech entrepreneurs.  

With daily training that is specific to the individual’s needs, some of the fabulous features include:

  • Focused breathing training to calm the mind
  • A worry map to let go of unnecessary stress
  • A mood tracker to document progress
  • A wheel of kindness to commit to daily good deeds
  • Recipes to fuel the body with good food

Mentemia has teamed up with Aussie surfing legend Mick Fanning, who has battled with his own mental health issues. It comes as no surprise that Mick, who loves and supports the app because of his own struggle.

“It’s a great little handbook for how you can help yourself and reminds you about the importance of spending time looking after you

This app can help anyone; male, female, young or old, it has techniques that are unique to you.

Click HERE to check out Mick Fanning and John Kirwan chatting about the app.

It is free to download and is available for free for six months post the launch date (13 May 2020).

And remember, were all in this together.

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