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From skin boosters, beauty boosters to all-round well-being boosters, vitamins are a great addition to your everyday health regime.

But, with so many different ones available, it’s difficult to find the right ones to take or even determine whether or not you need to take any at all.

We all know eating a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking a lot of water and including plenty of healthy protein into your daily diet is the ideal way to obtain the many natural sources of vitamins and minerals needed to help the body function at 100%

However, sometimes we need a little boost and vitamins are seriously the best way to get that boost.

So, I decided to try out some NEW vitamins boosters which promise to increase vitality, help with energy and even assist with brain and memory function.

After taking a blood test, I already knew my iron and magnesium was really low. But what about other areas of the body which require assistance and don’t show up in a simple blood test; like the condition of you gut health or energy levels?

I made a list of five of my main health concerns, they were energy, brain function, digestion, sore muscles and skin and then went on the hunt for the best vitamins to take to help me with these concerns, here’s the results of taking all five daily for a month:

Energy: Vitamin C

Yes, the humble ascorbic acid (vitamin C) helps boost your energy levels. It naturally helps fight fatigue and revitalises the nervous system. Normally, within ten minutes of waking up, I need coffee to help wake me up. After taking vitamin C for a month, I found over time this coffee need could be stretched out far longer. I took my vitamin c before I went to bed and found it worked better in assisting with my morning energy levels.

Brain Function: Gingko, Bioba, Brahmi & Gotu Kola

Instead of taking separate vitamins for all four herbs, Australian vitamin company Fontanella have merged all of them into an amazing vitamin which helps boost your brain function and memory. And, on the plus side they also help you deal with stress and anxiety. I was excited to try this vitamin for a month and I had high hopes of it helping me with my memory and stress related issues. I definitely say improvements in these areas.

Digestion: Probiotic

The great debate on whether you should take a probiotic every day has been around for some time, with many researchers saying it’s great for general gut health to take one every day, and others state unless you have any digestive concerns you should leave them alone. Prone to leaky gut syndrome I was happy to include a probiotic into my daily routine and after a month I found my food tolerances were a lot easier to manage and I had less bloating after main meals; which was a common occurrence for me.

Sore Muscles: Magnesium

Whether it’s caused from too much time spent typing on the laptop, stress or my yoga teacher putting my body into weird positions, I always seem to wake with sore muscles. And where I normally have a high green vegetable diet to help manage my hormone levels, which magnesium is good for, it never occurred to me to take a regular tablet every day and I also had no idea magnesium was great for both muscle and bone aches. I still do wake from time to time with sore aches, but no where near as bad as they used to be prior to me taking magnesium daily.

Skin: Zinc

I do use Zinc based face masks to help boost skin hydration and to help heal any scar tissue damage from old blemishes and sun damage, so it made sense that popping a zinc tablet daily would assist me with overall skin health, hair health and even eye and nail health. After taking Zinc for a month I saw changes in the strength of my nails, blemishes cleared quicker and my hair was even shinier than normal.

The verdict: I will continue to use these vitamins daily, as I believe they made a difference in my daily overall health and well-being. But of course, like most things you should probably also seek advice from a professional before including any vitamins into your daily routine. Especially if you are taking any medication, as the vitamin may prevent your medication from working.




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