Why a Hiking Date Should be the Next Invitation You Say Yes To

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Sitting with my single friends, the whole dating in scene is upside down right now due to the pandemic.

Listening to their dating adventures, everything has to be so much more organised, committed and just damn serious now.

Think about it. Dinner and a movie is a full blown ordeal of book the date, and pay in advance, sit and eat set menus, and that alone sounds like a 5 hour dating session at best. Way too much commitment and time together in the early days.

Dinners are expensive during a pandemic, and even to have drinks you have to book somewhere, and it’s not like the old days where you wing your date depending on how the chemistry is rolling.

You can’t lean over the bar and start chatting to others if the conversation runs dry between the two of you, as right now you’re not even allowed to even get up off your seat at most Sydney bars.

I wont go on.

So hiking is actually not a bad dating option, especially given summer is coming, as you get to know someone quickly, breath some fresh air, and you can also eliminate a few issues fast.

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What you could look like in time if you’re hiking guy turns out to be the one..

Here is what I mean:

  1. Fitness: You find out how fit your guy is pretty quickly on a hike date. You also find out if he actually owns fitness gear. If it all looks new, you know he might be out to impress you, but probably doesn’t dig it. Is that what you want long term?
  2. Dating Banter: You can’t hike and not chat. So you will definitely have some good chat. And the fresh air and scenery lends itself to far more grounded convos. You can talk about anything and everything. And because there is no booze involved, you will remember everything he says.
  3. The endorphins: Hiking gets up a sweat, raises the heart rate and makes you feel good. You achieve something small together. Always a great start to a date or even a potential relationship. And tantric sex is based on breathing in sync, so if you start early, you might just have a great future between the sheets when you get there.
  4. His rig: You get to check him out in his fitness gear. And hiking you see a lot more of his bod than at a bar in glam gear.
  5. Sweating it: You will both sweat, and you will soon find out if your date’s pheremones work for you – oh, and vice versa.
  6. Organisation: Is he a man with a plan? Does he take charge and know where he is going?
  7. Selfies: It’s pretty reasonable to want a snap together once you reach the summit, waterfall, view or whatever, and if he doesn’t want a photo with you, well, that tells you something right there. He just might not be into you. If you do get a selfie you can group send your date to every human being you know for approval before you’ve even started the trek down the mountain.
  8. Insta: If you do get that selfie and he does or doesn’t ask you if it’s ok to put it on his social media, that says something too.
  9. Empathy: Is he thinking about you on the hike? Has he brought you a water? Is he slowing down when you tire? Does he hold your hand to help you? Will he share his water with you? Does he listen to you if you have to decide which fork in the road to take?
  10. The post-hike shower Well, the door is always open for a freshen up afterwards, especially if he’s cooking dinner at his after the appetite you have both worked up. Then again there’s always a hike in the spectacular Blue Mountains and a stay at Lillianfels afterwards, but probably not on date one!

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