Why You Should Buy Lingerie For Yourself, Not Him

Woman wearing white lacey bra and pink shirt

What’s the point of wearing lingerie when it’s always being taken off?

Women should enjoy the benefits of beautiful underwear, regardless of their relationship status.

The concept of ‘lingerie’ was created by Lady Duff-Gordon at the end of the nineteenth century.

She believed in freeing women from the restrictive corsets that were commonly worn during that era.

Old fashioned under garments.

When men were conscripted overseas and women were required to fill their job roles, corsets were no longer needed. 

These roles required more practical undergarments that used more breathable materials.

Through the following decades underwear became lighter and more form-fitting until it eventually became romanticised and glamorised by designers in the 1960s.

Those who only splurge on sexy bras and underwear for a partner’s birthday or valentine’s day sadly underestimate the power of lingerie.

Luxurious and intricate underwear can be a gentle reminder that women do not need to be in a relationship to feel OR look sexy.

Take a moment to consider how it feels to wear a pair of granny panties and a boring, worn-out bra. Not so flash?

Now, picture wearing a gorgeous ivory-coloured 3 piece set. 

The material is embellished with satin binds, bows and gold fittings, each piece of the set finished with platinum foiled lace and a shiny metallic shift. The material is smooth, stretchy, silky and all in all, sexy.

It’s a warped logic to save wearing lingerie for special occasions, particularly if the special occasion is for someone else. 

A combination of extravagant lingerie and an everyday corporate blazer.

It suggests that this feeling of sexiness and empowerment is only deserved when someone is watching. 

Lingerie can alter the way women perceive their bodies, in the best way possible.

It is designed to accentuate the most divine parts of a woman’s body.

A matching 2-piece set can show just how sexy curves and contours can be.

Experts found that wearing a superman shirt underneath work clothes can make men feel more likeable and superior to others. 

The lacey treat revealed beneath ordinary clothes.

So why not try this theory with lingerie?

Let’s embrace femininity on a whole new level and feel invigorated, beautiful and most importantly confident. 

Claudia Remedios

If Claudia isn't working one of her three jobs, you can find her lifting weights, practicing yoga, or getting experimental in the kitchen. With an interest in media and film and all things foreign, Claudia hopes to find herself in a production role overseas in the not too distant future - New York, London, Los Angeles...who knows.

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