The newest singles trend; jibing.

Couple sitting on chair apart on efforts date

Sounds fun, not sure it would be my thing even if I was single.

I wrote a few weeks ago about my frustration with people who think it’s ok to try and hook up on regular (non-dating) internet sites, like Linked In and Instagram. It is a pet-hate of mine, especially given I am now dating someone.

Now it’s gone a step further; selling your furniture on gumtree, or looking for a flat mate is now the new fertile ground for finding love, according to D’Marge, (a fabulous magazine style site targeting men).

Jibing is when you meet someone in every day circumstances, and decide not to proceed with the original connection, but instead to date them.

So you show someone the spare room in your flat and quickly decide they’re too attractive -and potentially complicated -to have as a house mate, but you want to date them.They lose the room, but get a date out of it (if of course they are also inerested).

The theory is that meeting someone in somewhat regular, every-day circumstances rather than on a specifically curated online dating site can be more genuine, and you see someone as they are, rather than as they have presented themselves on a date with you.

Makes sense, but for a woman it can add even more exhaustion to every day life. Now I feel like I have to be careful when someone calls up to buy my fridge. They might be turning up with very different intentions. And frankly I don’t like it.

It doesn’t make me feel good. In fact it makes me feel bit unsafe. Like I should tell my young friends to always take someone with them when checking out a new flat share or cheap second-hand furniture purchase.

Is it time for sites like Gumtree to insist we have single/married/unavailable/available on our profiles?

What next?

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