The 8 Hidden Benefits Of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is not your average joe. Providing many positive and surprising benefits, it may be time to give your table salt the flick.

Touted as the purest salt of all, Himalayan salt is made up of an estimated 84 minerals which can only be sourced from Asia. Despite the various health problems associated with the overconsumption of salt, salt still remains a crucial part of our daily diets. Due to it’s nutritional and therapeutic uses, Himalayan salt may be the wisest choice for a health conscious consumer.

8 surprising benefits of Himalayan salt:

1. Promotes healthy, radiant skin

Himalayan salt fights against skin disorders, such as eczema and acne, through its healing and detoxifying properties. This unique substance can also be used as an exfoliator, effective in improving the skins tone, texture and appearance.

2. Inhaling Himalayan salt can assist with asthma and allergies

Inhaling salt, also known as salt therapy, is effective in treating people who suffer from respiratory issues. This will reduce inflammation and assist in the removing of bacteria, mucus or toxins which are trapped in your lungs. This can be achieved through purchasing a salt inhaler, relaxing in salt caves or visiting an artificial salt room.

3. Reduce muscles spasms and cramps

Muscle cramps commonly occur due to a lack of fluids and minerals. Himalayan salt contains magnesium and potassium which are effective in relaxing and reducing muscle contractions. Himalayan salt also assists in hydration and the balancing of electrolytes. Add a pinch of pink salt to your glass of water or consider bathing in it to reduce this problem.

4. Balances your body’s pH level

The various minerals contained in Himalayan salt promote a healthy pH balance and can remove heavy metals from the body. This unique substance can serve as an alkaline remedy, effective in reducing excess acidity in the blood.

5. Aids digestion and nutrient absorption

American health expert, Dr. Mark Sircus, believes Himalayan salt can aid the digestive system in major ways. He claims it can stimulate the peristalsis of the digestive system, balance stomach acid and regulate the metabolism. The zinc found in Himalayan salt protects the intestinal layer, thereby enabling more effective nutrient absorption.

6. Assists with menstrual issues

Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral found in chocolate. So for women experiencing strong chocolate cravings during their period, it may be a sign the body wants something else. Drinking a small amount of Himalayan salt diluted with water can ease cramps and curb cravings.

7. Regulates blood sugar

Himalayan salt is high in trace minerals which are essential to the breakdown of sugar and starches. It is also helpful in balancing blood sugar levels, beneficial to diabetics.

8. Enhances your sex drive

Last but certainly not least, Himalayan salt can promote a healthy libido.  A low libido can be caused by lack of minerals, such as selenium and zinc. These minerals can be essential to maintaining a quality sex life.










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