Seven tips to spice up your life this Autumn



The new season is a great time to reset your wellbeing goals,create good habits and discard habits and belongings that are no longer useful to you.


Autumn, even more than New Years Eve is a positive time to set new goals and discard bad habits.

Seven things to spice up your Autumn:

1) Train for a fun run
Whether you want to get fit, socialise more, or smash a personal best, training for a fun run is a great way to break a fitness rut.
If you’re not keen to pound the pavement solo, grab a few friends or join a running group. The benefit of signing up to a fun run is the tiered entry levels. This means that during the course you’ll be surrounded by people of similar speed and athletic ability. Plus, they’re called fun for a reason, and whilst there might be a few speed divas who want to whip the pack, most people are there to be social.

The Electric Run Sydney: Pull out your brightest workout gear and fluoro accessories. This 5km event is a glow in the dark running disco that you can bring the whole family too. There are light up bouncing castles and a dj dance party at the finish line. When: 18th April, Parramatta Park. From 5:30 pm

2) Look at your beauty products

The skin’s needs change from season to season. The cooler climate is an ideal time to change your beauty routine. As the weather cools, your cleanser, moisturiser and foundation all need reviewing. Check out our You Tube Channel for tips.  Book a session with a skin therapist or your dermatologist for a complete evaluation. Not only is a facial relaxing, but they will also be able to provide you with product recommendations to that will rehydrate and replenish your skin.

3) Get Gardening

Research is starting to identify key health benefits of creating a greener home environment. Not everyone is born with a green thumb, but don’t be discouraged if you’ve never quite managed to keep a garden. The cool air moisture will help to nurture the plants into the soil and prevent them from drying out quickly. If this still sounds daunting, start by tidying up the soil you’ve already got. Weeding is best done after the rain as it loosens the roots. Once you have a clean canvas to work with look for native plants that are more durable to the local climate and will be less maintenance.

4) Pull out the laptop or diary
Writing is a great therapy and a fantastic hobby to carry long into the winter. Picture cosy nights, nestled by the fireplace and the creative freedom to let your imagination run wild. Writing could be the perfect winter hobby for you. Putting pen to paper can take many forms, gratitude cards, memoir writing or creative fiction, you could have the next run away success novel just waiting to be inked.

Not sure where to start? The Australian Writers Centre have courses online and at studios across the country.

5) Change your style
Nothing says it’s time to go shopping like a change in season. This season is all about structured neutrals. Think camel coloured coats with cinched waists, white pullovers with boxed shoulders and high-neck great knits with sleeveless vests for layering.
Updating a look is a very personal thing and can seem like a mammoth task.
If you’re looking for a shopping companion who knows what is going to look good for your shape, why not try the services of a personal stylist.
Stylists are not just for fashionista gracing the streets of Milan. Many shopping centres now offer services at reasonable prices.

Try: stylebyyellowbutton or bstylesu for a complete wardrobe detox.

6) Put on the baking mits

One of the first guilty pleasures of cooler weather is comfort eating. This is not a bad thing. Our bodies actually need the fuel to adjust to the climate changes. Balanced nutrition  is paramount in warning off nasty winter bugs. Prepare a weekly cooking list. This could include soups, freshly baked bread loaves filled with fibre and grains, and muffins without the nasty sugars and preservatives found instore.

Need some help to step away from the cream? Check out our favourite instagram foodies. (insert like to post online)

7) Plan your next holiday
One website has changed the way we look at holiday planning. Pinterest. Voyeuristic expeditions can now be had from the comfort of a laptop.
Booking tickets off-peak and in advance will save money on flights and accommodation, giving your more cash to spend at your dream destination.

Look at Vegas here we come.

What do you do with the change of season?


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