Keep food fresher, longer

There are some easy ways to keep your food fresher, longer:

herbs in an ice cube-1
Freezing herbs or leaves on herbs in ice cubes keeps them longer, and is a creative way to keep them in your diet.

Australians waste up to 20% of the food they purchase and an average of $1,036 is spent on food that gets thrown away each year in an average Aussie household. Instead of giving up on eating healthy, wholesome food with a short shelf-life, here are some tips for keeping your food fresh.
1. Avocados
Unless you need to ripen your avocado quickly don’t store it next to bananas. As bananas ripen they produce a gas called ethylene that will ripen other fruit around them. Other fruit that produce this gas are kiwi fruit, apples, tomatoes, and figs.
Bonus: Once you’ve cut an avocado, paint the fruit with lemon to stop it from oxidising and going brown.

2. Pasta
Pasta and other dry grains aren’t as at risk of spoiling as other food products because of their low water content. But if you leave them in their cardboard packaging they can get infested with weevils and other bugs! Store them in airtight containers to keep them safe from unwanted guests.

3. Berries
High water content will increase the likelihood of food spoiling, so berries are at high risk. Hold off on rinsing them until right before you eat them, or freeze them yourself to have ready-to-eat fresh berries all week.

4. Herbs
Fresh herbs make everything taste better, but keeping those little leaves fresh all week can be a challenge. Treat them like fresh-cut flowers and sit them in water, this will keep them fresh for up to three weeks. You can also freeze fresh herbs, and simply defrost the amount you need.

5. Lettuce
Keeping lettuce fresh and crisp is a constant challenge. But if you store it with some paper towels then they’ll absorb any extra moisture. This will stop the leaves from wilting and allow you to enjoy fresh, crisp salads all week.

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