The best juicers for you – the Bondi Beauty road test.

From luxe to less, we’ve found the best juicers in Sydney for a Bondi Beauty Road test.

We rated this juicer the best – and it’s the cheapest at $80.

By BB intern Brooke Davie & Dominique Tait.

How much is too much to spend on a juicer?

A 2013 study found that juicers were among the top ten kitchen appliances that were likely to be purchased but not used. Whilst model  Miranda Kerr openly boasts about the benefits of her Vitamix blender (retailing for a cool $924.50), not everyone is willing to fork out the big bucks to get their morning hit of nutrients.

Everyone thinks about some form of detox or diet that involves juices or nutrient dense food products.  Recent studies, by consumer group Choice, suggest that using a cheaper alternative to the big name juicers (the ones the celebrities are raving about) can be just as good at making your morning detox drink.

We wanted to see if buying an expensive juicer was as good as it’s made out to be (mostly by celebrities who love juicing). Of the four we tested, we rated these two ( both from Aussie company Sunbeam):

Sunbeam Double Sieve Juicer Pro- $180

This juicer was great for its intended purpose… Juicing. The large chute makes it simple to put fruit and veg in easily (without additional chopping). For the most part, this juicer was great. Easy to wash up, everything was easily rinsed. The sieve component required a scrub to get rid of the fruit particles, but the juicer came with an appropriate scrubbing brush to do it.

But if, like most people, washing up is too much of an effort this may not be the juicer for you. Sometimes after you’ve made your juice, you just want to sit down and drink it… this juicer is very fiddly as there are so many compartments (making for great juice) but taking longer to wash as you have to take it completely apart.

The other concern the BB team had with this juicer was the size, where were we going to find room to put it? The large sized juicer would be perfect for those who had big benches to leave it on (easily accessible every morning means you’ll be more tempted to make a juice each day).

Pros: GREAT JUICE, no pulp or froth

Cons: multiple compartments taking longer to wash up, large size hard to store.

Sunbeam Juice Drop Juicer- $80

Unlike the more expensive option for the juicers we tested, the ‘juice drop’ was smaller, making it easily portable and compact , so easy to store. With fewer compartments it was easy to assemble and dis-assemble after use. The fewer parts (compared to the competitor) meant it was easier to clean. However, like all juicers the Juice Drop also requires a number of components cleaned.

Don’t let the size fool you, although much smaller than the double sieve juicer pro, it does not lose any points for being less powerful. Our concerns for this juicer are that the chute for fruit and veg is quite small, so it does require chopping for larger ingredients. Another concern is the spout where the juice comes out does not fit a glass comfortably under it (problem solved by using a shorter glass).

Pros: easy to store, great juice, excellent price point. A great first juicer.

Cons: small chute, short spout.

From our road test, the BB team concluded juicing is not for the time poor or those who despise washing up. In order to maintain a great juicer, it requires cleaning after each use – most of which is time consuming.

Don’t be tempted to splash out on a fancier version of the humble juicer just because it has an extra feature. Tests performed  by consumer group conclude that less expensive juicers often boast the same usefulness as the big brands, and let’s be honest, how often will you use each of the 50 culinary processes on offer?  Bondi Beauty found the more complex a juicer is the more cleaning that is usually required, and therefore the less likely we were to use it.

The team at Bondi Beauty recommend opting for a cheaper juicer which will save your pennies so you can spend more on luscious fruits and veg to put through your new appliance.

Our pick overall? The Sunbeam JE4800 Juice Drop at $80.At that price you can find out if you really are going to use a juicer regularly, and if you do, upgrade in 12 months time.

Juicing fruits and vegetables is an easy way to add essential nutrients into your daily diet and ensure that they remain free from preservatives, additives or extra sugar. You can think of buying a juicer as an investment in your health (helping to keep your New Year’s resolution), but it shouldn’t mean you have to take out a loan to do it.

Breville Juice Fountain, $130

Our top five juicers:

  1. Sunbeam JE4800 $80
  2. Breville Ikon Fountain $270
  3. Breville Juice Fountain $130
  4. Philips HR1871 $249
  5. Coway Juicepress CJP-01 $499 (cold press juicer)



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