5 Snacks to Promote Mindful Eating

Five snacks you should reach for for mindful eating.

Pistachios are one of the most mindful foods you can eat for a snack.


“We all get cravings we shouldn’t feel that we can’t give into them.”

Clinical psychologist and health food guru, Leanne Hall shares some of her favourite choices with Bondi Beauty to help ensure snacking is only done consciously and necessarily.

She says “ Whatever you snack on, portion control is important”.


Pistachios represent mindful sting as its core, as they have to be cracked.  You are conscious when you eat them as you have to crack each one.

“I like salt and pepper, and even kids eat the chilli ones. We go through them like they’re going out of fashion in my house. They’re a lot less salty than salted nuts and high in protein which makes us feel full. ”


Popcorn is nutritious and you get a lot of volume for fewer calories. Popcorn makes you chew a lot, so there is a physiological feeling of work within the body, therefore your eyes see that you are eating quite a lot, and you feel fuller sooner.

Nut Butter with Apple

Nut butter is packed with protein and is slow to eat because of the texture of the two combined. There are a variety of serving suggestions to make them look even tastier.

Wholegrain Crackers and Cheese

Wholegrain foods go a long way in creating sustenance. Try cheese on wholegrain for a savoury option when snacking.

Fruit Salad

Decreasing sugary foods in the diet has become a trend lately but Leanne says everything in moderation.

“Yes fruit is sugary but it’s vibrant, healthy and packed with vitamins and minerals. Reducing refined sugars is great but I think we have to enjoy a whole range of different flavours. We like variety and that’s kind of the spice of life”

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