5 Diet and Cleansing Programs Australians are turning to in 2021

the best diets of 2021

Diet and cleansing programs are on the rise. These are 5 programs Australians are turning to this year.

Crash diets and super fast cleansing programs are off the agenda for Aussies as they turn to more consistent program to lose weight and de-tox their bodies.

Pre-planning meals and following an active lifestyle can help individuals become healthier versions of themselves. People who join weight loss programs or fitness activities can benefit from additional nutritional supplementation through protein shakes, nutrient-rich snacks, and cleansers.

The Low Carb Diet Program

This program is most effective for dealing with diabetes, PCOS, and other similar health challenges.

Low carb diets encourage participants to reduce or even avoid high carb items like white rice bread and cereal as well as other refined wheat products.

Low GI vegetables and protein supplement the carbs. The primary purpose of carbs is for energy supply to the body, so when there are high carbs in the body, the body converts excess carbs into fat. 

Popular low-carb diets like keto and Atkins have been around for years, and are especially common in the fitness world.

According to stats, over 35% of Australian adults are overweight and prone to obesity-induced health issues. Carb-controlled diets are a great way to lose weight and cleanse the body without the risk of nutritional deficiencies. 

The Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program

The Isagenix Australian program is designed to detox the body with the help of products provided by Isagenix Australia online or through an authorised seller. The 30 day program has shake days and cleanse days. It enables detoxification as well as weight loss.

Isagenix products also boost the metabolic rate of the body and promote healthy weight loss. Several nutrient-rich products are provided for fat burning and effective cleansing. The products supply the body with essential nutrients and elements.

Users also claim that the cleanse program is effective in curbing cravings. Natural elements like cayenne pepper and green tea extracts form a significant part of the product formulas.

The program is popular with triathletes, new mums, as well as people who are time poor and want results they can monitor, with an easy to follow program.

The Weight Watchers Program

The MWW program is by far the most popular weight loss program in Australia. Click the link above to read abotu our road test. This program follows a scientific approach and offers a lot of flexibility and versatility to followers.

Fitness trainers, experts, or AI programs first conduct an extensive assessment of eating and lifestyle habits. 

The participant is then encouraged to identify spots of weakness in the weight loss area. Once these areas are identified, and the user’s fitness goals and nutritional goals are tracked, the experts formulate a customised diet and fitness plan. 

The plan is flexible and builds healthy fitness habits. The diet plans are typically easy and viable.

There are over 5000 recipes that users can use vai an app. The recipes and diets are nutrient-rich, gluten-free, sugar-free, and natural. 

Plant-Based Diet Programs

Vegan and plant-based foods are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. The blending of herbal elements or extracts can speed up the detox process. Some programs do still allow meat, fish or poultry, others are strictly vegan.

 “Meat on the side” is fast developing into a popular new trend in the fitness world globally.

Fitness influencers and experts recommend plant-based food for primary nutritional needs and eat meat or other non-plant-based items as side servings. This means that you eat your vegetarian dish for the main dish and portion-controlled meat items as the side. 

Plant-based diets not only cleanse the body and minimise the supply of empty calories or artificial elements to your body, but they also improve your overall health and wellness levels. People following plant-based or vegan diets can depend on additional nutritional supplementation.

Intermittent Fasting

As the name suggests, intermittent fasting is a daily, weekly or monthly fasting program. It works by restricting food intake between 14-16 hours. Besides encouraging effective body cleansing, intermittent fasting also enhances the efficiency of the weight loss process.

However, intermittent fasting should always be carried out under an experienced dietician or fitness expert. The wrong methods and techniques could lead to nutritional deficiencies and related issues including exhaustion or even a weakened immune system.

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

The 12-week training and diet program predominantly focus on a protein-balanced diet. It is based in a program of appealing and straightforward recipes that are nutrient-dense and delicious, and aid the cleansing process. The program is viable, practical, and easy to follow. A lot of Australians enjoy this program.

Consult your Doctor or Dietician

Before choosing your diet and nutritional cleanse program, it’s vital to consult your doctor or dietician. Nutritional cleansing programs do not necessarily have the same impact on all people. The results may even vary based on age and personal circumstances. If you have health conditions or allergies, these all need to be considered as well as your objectives in the short and long term.

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