A Diet Plan That Might Work For You – Because It’s Not Really A Diet

We’ve had success with the 80/20 diet, here’s why:

Depriving yourself of all things deemed ‘treats’ is unsustainable for most, and for the majority of the population, a restricted diet will result in binges and over indulging in the food you’ve been so carefully avoiding.

The 80/20 diet rule is more of an approach to healthy eating than a diet. The rule suggests you eat healthy foods 80% of the time, allowing indulgences for the remaining 20%.

Some celebs following the 80/20 eating plan include Jessica Alba, Kelly Rowland and Famous personal trainer Jillian Michaels.

With fewer restrictions, the 80/20 rule makes sticking to a healthy eating plan more sustainable and can even result in weight loss. Consistency is key to this diet, living by the 80/20 eating plan suggests food is not your enemy. Everything in moderation is the main aim of the 80/20 eating plan.

Famous faces following the plan has apparently worked for  include former Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr. On her 80/20 lifestyle Kerr states “Rather than dieting, I have a passion for good health and organic living instilled in me by my family. I adopted the 80:20 rule when I started modelling full-time at 18. It’s about balance and not depriving yourself, ” she said in an interview last year.

Miranda’s favourite indulgences are “dark chocolate, triple-cream goat’s cheese and French fries.”

Five easy rules to remember when following the 80:20 plan include:

  • 80% of the time your diet should be based on fresh, unprocessed, nutrient rich foods
  • Remembering to watch your portion sizes.
  • Plan your treat meals to ensure you don’t binge.
  • When indulging in cheat or treat meals don’t over indulge.
  • Successful long-term weight loss following the 80/20 plan is all about a healthy lifestyle with the occasional indulgence.
  • Aim to have cheat meals and exercise-free days on separate days of the week to balance out the extra calorie intake
  • Apply 80/20 to your exercise – plan your weekly workouts, aiming to commit to 4-6 days a week.
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