An Aussie Gym Has Told A Client To Go Home And Change Because Her Shorts Were Too Short



In Darwin a 25 year old gym goer was told her shorts were too short, and that she had to leave the premises and change before  returning

So just how short is too short?

The incident happened in Snap Fitness in Darwin, but the club claims to have a strict policy across all of their centres to ensure all clients regardless of shape, age or religion feels ok.

Crop tops and short shorts – some of the fitness industries biggest selling items  are out, and longer pants and tops are the only thing that will be accepted. And men must wear tops at all times.

Snap Fitness has a website which claims their fitness concept is simple and easy:

“ The concept behind Snap Fitness, the world’s fastest-growing fitness franchise, is a simple one: compact, 24/7 gyms with state-of-the-art equipment, minimal staffing and no fuss.”

The 25 year old woman who was asked to leave was physiotherapist Maja Lukic, 25, who said she was wearing a pair of Puma gym shorts and a tank top when she was stopped by a manager mid-workout and told her outfit was unacceptable at Snap Fitness Yarrawonga last Thursday.

 Do you think the gym did the right thing? Do you agree with their dress code?

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