Brown Algae Seaweed is the Latest Super Food Ingredient to Boost Health

Brown algae seaweed replenishes the body with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein and amino acids.

Brown Algae Seaweed can help metabolism, thyroid function and give the body a huge boost in overall health.

We speak with Adam Danielli from Divinita, the first company in the world to use brown algae seaweed in health supplements.

1) What are the health benefits of brown algae seaweed and why should we take it as a supplement?

Coming from a pristine environment so close to the North Pole that endures harsh freezing winters and endless sun in the summer, the natural nutritional composition of brown algae seaweed has evolved to contain an eclectic rich nutritional profile.

This unique nutritional profile when consumed gives your body a fantastic detox, removing free radicals and heavy metals and replenishes your body with a vast array of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein and amino acids.

As a result, your digestive system improves, your cognitive function improves, your stress levels decrease and you begin to feel better overall. It also contains a rich amount of organic Iodine, which is vital for metabolic function and regulating thyroid hormones.

2) Where is the algae sourced from for Divinita?

Divinita sources their algae from Norway and Scotland. They are in remote locations where man’s footprint has had no impact. They are sustainably harvested in coordination with the Norwegian and Scottish governments to ensure that we do not take away from the natural environment and the marine life that depend on it.

3) Has it been used by any populations historically? ( e.g. Japanese)?

As it is found in the Norwegian and Scottish shores, it has been use by the local natives for hundreds of years as part of their culinary diet. Norway and Scotland are known for their viking conquerers who were large, strong and fierce.

4) Why is this a world first – why hasn’t this been discovered before?

Unlike most supplement companies, we are here to celebrate and promote natural health in a way that hasn’t been presented before. We use brown algae seaweed as a catalyst in all our products because of the unique benefits it has.

With studies conducted by the University of Queensland, we have ensured that there is more than enough brown algae seaweed in each capsule so that your body can extract heavy metals and feel the detox effect. This constant effect ensures your body can work at optimal level while significantly reducing any free radical damage or any other nasties causing damage in your body.

5) How much difference can the supplements make to sport performance?
When it comes to sport performance, our product Divinita Premium is the perfect fit. It is our highest dose of algae per capsule. An athlete experiences great stress on their bodies as they perform. Divinita Premium really helps to reduce your body’s stress levels so that you can endure more.

It also contains a wide array of vitamins and minerals that help keep your body’s metabolic and cognitive function working their best.

Athletes in team sports particularly need to be quick thinkers and assess the game situation at a fraction of a second. By taking Premium, you are giving your brain the right nutrition it needs to sustain a high intensity game.

6) How can the algae help with weight loss and de-toxing?
As mentioned earlier, we have conducted studies with the University of Queensland to see that it is rich in antioxidants and has the ability to remove heavy metals. Also the Iodine content helps to activate your thyroid, which releases hormones that regulate your metabolism.

Divinita ActiveSlim takes full advantage of this, in conjunction with Garcinia. Garcinia is known for it’s weight loss properties, its ability to reduce appetite and for its Hydoxy Citric Acid (HCA) complex. We give the highest concentrate of HCA that is accordance to government regulations to ensure that people who are looking to add a weight loss product into their healthy lifestyle can feel the full effect.

7) Who should consider taking Divinita?
We have created a select range of products to cater for people looking at bettering their health naturally. We believe everybody can benefit from consuming brown algae on a daily basis. From toddlers to the elderly and everyone in between. We know that mothers with young children are particularly enjoying Divinita Source Energy as a supplement to keep them going throughout the day.

Since we launched Divinita, we have seen many males and females tell us how they lacked energy or were always fatigued but had no reason to be suddenly find themselves feeling more energetic or able to concentrate more. The great thing is our products are 100% natural, suitable for vegetarians or vegans and are gluten free.

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