How Collagen Improved My Skin, Hair and Nails in 3 months.

How collagen can help you have the best hair, nails

I had heard and read a lot about the benefits of collagen on the body, and it did take a 3 month committment to see the results, but it was worth it.

At Bondi Beauty we hear a lot of beauty jargon about but will and wont make our hair, nails and skin improve. The lockdown and following downtime has given me the time and space to really get into some of the many powders and supplements I have been sent.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and a natural anti-oxidant. It provides skin with structure and strengthens the bones, but most importantly it is crtitical for hair, nails and skin. There are many who say it is the ultimate anti-aging supplement.

Though many women do often seek plastic surgery to resolve any skin sagging and fix other skin conditions, there’s something to be said about the inclusion of collagen into your daily diet.

Swisse have released Collagen Balance, a tasty (this one is Pineapple flavoured) supplement.
Swisse have released Collagen Balance, a tasty (this one is Pineapple flavoured) supplement I found easy to consume daily. It also contains added super greens and enzymes.

There are 16 different types (at least), with four main types which have a critical role in the body. With age, the body produces less and less collagen, giving us an added incentive to up the dose as each year passes.

Collagen is even used as a filler in plastic surgery, and was used to create glue and musical instruments.

Renae seen here with Locako Beauty Collagen has been taking collagen for over 3 months.
Renae seen here with Locako Beauty Collagen, which is slightly sweet and very easy in water. Renae has been taking collagen for over 3 months and seen impressive results .

The Americans have been onto it for years, and in 2019 spent over $300 million on supplements of it, primarily to look younger. With the lockdown this year, it is probably considerably more than that.

Collagen contains amino acids proline and glycine which are the building blocks of the intestinal lining, so it also helps with digestion, as well as a whole host of bodily functions.

Like many proteins, we generally don’t get enough into our bodies within the food we eat. Food that contains collagen includes chicken, egg whites, bone broth, garlic, white tea, berries, and red and yellow vegetables.

Sugar and refined carbs damage collagen within the body, as does smoking and even too much sunshine.

The Marina Collagen By Beauty Shake is what Renae consumed daily for 2 months for stronger nails, hair and glowing skin.
The Marine Collagen By Beauty Shake has zero sugars and carbs, and Renae consumed it daily for 2 months for stronger nails, hair and glowing skin ( as seen here by the ripped package!).

The best time to take collagen is in the morning, to maximise absorption, and if taken with vitamin C, it can help increase the body’s uptake and absorption.

There are even studies showing collagen may help you lose weight, as it removes any joint pain, making exercise easier if you have injuries.

The amount recommended each day varies from 2.5mg up to 30mg a day. I took around 30mg a day, which was a huge commitment over 3 months and took some time to adjust to.

Supplements can be in powder or pill form – the powder is super easy to put into smoothies or coffees as creamers on a daily basis.

This collagen creamer to add to smoothies or hot drinks is another easy way to increase collagen consumption.
This collagen creamer to add to smoothies or hot drinks is another easy way to increase collagen consumption.

Marine collagen, which is what I took in the first 2 months is made from the skins of fish.

I consumed Marine Collagen by The Beauty Shake, which cost $40 a bag, and lasted me 2 months. The taste was fine, even on days when I just put it into water, with no other mixers, it worked for me.

It has no sugars at all which is a bonus.

I took it daily, then switched to other collagen supplements featured in this story, and after 3-4 months, my nails were the strongest they have ever been. The tips were no longer split, they felt hard and strong, and grew much longer.

New Aussie brand Locako has low carb, high collagen products including delicious brownie bites, portable beauty collagen in sachets, as well as coffee creamers which also contain MCT’s.

I really like this brand.

The brownies taste delicious and are a brilliant treat bursting with health benefits including essential fats, protein and collagen. I keep the brownies as a special treat for myself on days when I forget to take my collagen in the morning in my smoothie.

Coffee Creamers by Locako and Ketao can be added into your morning coffee either at home or with your barista, and are just another dairy free, paleo, gluten free easy way to get goodness and collagen into your body.

After 3 months, my hair was not malting as much. It looked a touch longer, but just felt healthier and stronger when I ran a brush through it.

And my skin was glowing – people commented that it looked smooth, but a lot of people said I was glowing.

I don’t know why I didn’t get into collagen a lot sooner. It really does have a positive effect on the body.

I would definitely recommend it but would also say you need to commit for the long term. I am still on collagen supplements now and will keep going to see if there are further long term effects.

Some potential side effects of taking collagen are calcium over production, allergic reactions and joint pain, but I had no issues and am continuing to take it on a daily basis hoping for longer not just stronger locks.

Exfoliate From Luxe to Less

I love luxury, but for  days when I’ve maxed my credit card, some fab products with a smaller price tag that work are what I reach for.

Arcona Facial exfoliant

Arcona is a boutique Californian skincare brand I have used for years after visiting their head office in LA in 2018. The cranberry gommage  exfoliator is a favourite for my face as it smells like fresh raspberries and cranberries and has tiny granules to gently slough dead skin. I use it in the shower.  It contains salicylic acid, anti-oxidants and has antibacterial benefits to ensure skin is left super smooth. RRP:$66.00

raw cosmetics facial exfoliator

PolishMe exfoliator from Raww Cosmetics is a creamy exfoliator that moisturises as well as exfoliates the skin. It contains goji berry, lime oil, Acai berry, sunflower seeds and coconut water to refresh skin, and the resulting fragrance is fresh and botanical. I use it in the shower all over my body. 100% natural,  RRP: $19.99 

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