Want To Make Your Own Almond Milk? Here’s How



Here’s why you should make your own almond milk and how to do it.

Want to look after your health every day? Try making your own almond milk. Many nutritionists claim dairy milk contains additives our bodies struggle to deal with, and almond milk avoids them and is gluten free.

Making your own milk, (be it almond, or any other combination of nuts), ensures you are  putting vital nutrients into your body and not receiving nasty toxins added by big corporation milk companies to extend the shelf-life of their products, plus it’s super easy.

Your own almond milk hosts a range of health benefits, all thanks to the humble almond. This includes, lowering cholesterol building healthy and strong bones and teeth, providing you with healthy fats and lowering the risk of heart attack. Almond milk is dairy free, so it is perfect for vegans or those looking to cut back on their dairy intake. Home made almond milk is free from refined sugars, additives and preservatives – your body will love you for the change.


We love almond milk.

So how do you make your own almond milk?

Making your own almond milk is not as complicated as it sounds, only a few simple steps that boast a range of health benefits-




3 cups of filtered water

1 cup of raw almonds (or another nut variety)

Sweetener to taste (raw honey, 2-4 medjool dates, etc)

Soak your almonds in water overnight- this makes them juicy and easier to digest.

Rinse and drain the almonds and put them in the blender with the filtered water and any sweeteners you desire.

Blend all of the ingredients in a high-powered blender until smooth.

If your blender is not high powered the consistency of the milk will not be as smooth, try crushing the almonds as best you can prior to blending.

Pour the milk through a sieve (you can also try using a cheese cloth or mesh nut back) into a jug to separate (and wallah!)

Most of the milk will fall through the sieve easily, but to get all the milk out of the almonds may require some coaxing on your behalf – gently press your fingers into the almond mix or squeeze the cloth/bag to get the most out of it.

The almond mix that remains in the sieve can be dried out and used as almond meal in recipes or as an exfoliating (natural) body scrub.

Store your milk in an airtight container in the fridge and keep for 3-4 days.

Not as difficult as it sounds, is it?

The almond mix that remains in the sieve can be dried out and used as almond meal in recipes or as an exfoliating (natural) body scrub.

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