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Is Almond Milk Killing The Planet?

Just one almond requires four litres of water to be produced, but what are the environmental consequences? Is almond milk killing the planet? In previous years, the only non-dairy alternative to cows’ milk was soy. Now, as if the cow’s udder has run dry (it hasn’t), there are more dairy-free options available than ever before […]

Want To Make Your Own Almond Milk? Here’s How

Here’s why you should make your own almond milk and how to do it. Want to look after your health every day? Try making your own almond milk. Many nutritionists claim dairy milk contains additives our bodies struggle to deal with, and almond milk avoids them and is gluten free. Making your own milk, (be […]

Move over Turmeric Latte, the Rose Latte is taking over Bondi

Forget the Turmeric Latte, it’s all about the Rose Latte now, yes you read it right – Rose, as in the flower. Remember the good old days when your hot beverages were limited to a coffee, hot chocolate or tea? Now it seems lattes come in every colour of the rainbow from yellow turmeric lattes, […]

Health and Fitness Secrets of an Aussie Stage Star

All that rehearsing and busy schedules and they still manage to look fantastic. What about the drive and energy to perform up to six nights a week? Performer Melody Beck shares her secrets for staying healthy, fit and disciplined even while she’s busy. She’s only twenty-one, but Melody Beck is fresh from starring as Grace Farrell […]