The Best workouts according to your zodiac sign: Taurus



This Month: Taurus April 20 – May 20

Workouts: Outdoor Bootcamp/ Aerobics/ Reformer Pilates

Taurus is practical and well grounded. Surrounded by love and people Taurus engages in physical activity in a group setting. Calm and relaxed nature is predominant in the Taurus so similar workouts are beneficial the zodiac sign. Taurus is ruled by Venus, connecting the soul to the universe and has the ability to see things from realistic, grounded and practical perspective.

Taurus is efficient, although lacks motivation on a solo level. Group workout options are the way to go because as a Taurus working in assemblies is more productive then working by oneself.

Being well-grounded requires like-minded energy finding a workout location that entails this key aspect of Taurus is essential to effective exercise. Outdoor bootcamps, Aerobics and Reformer pilates are the best workout options for this zodiac sign.

Check out these places to visit in Sydney:

Outdoor bootcamps: BUF Girls

Buf girls fitness
BUF girls fitness

Taurus seek group fitness motivation. Why not combine group fitness and fun into one? Buf Girls’ is an intense and fun group outdoor bootcamp aiming to build women’s strength and ultimately boost women’s confidence in their body.

Girl’s only bootcamp involves a calm and relaxed environment for women who are keen to make some new friends and keep fit. Motivating one another with dedicated support from the BUF expert trainers.

Bondi Beach

Aerobics: Retrosweat

8-s aerobic workout
80’s aerobics workout

Taurus enjoy physical and energetic environments. Retrosweat combines aerobics and retro music into one, with dressing up in 80s costumes essential. The aerobics workout targets the high intensity of the exercise working all parts of the body.

The classes lasting 50 minutes it is a fun and group involved experience that motivates every person in the room to get dancing and aerobic.

The Seagull Room, Bondi Pavilion, Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Reformer Pilates: The well

The well reformer pilates classes
The well reformer pilates classes

Taurus physical and calm nature calls for the combination of the two in a workout genre. Reformer pilates at The Well Bondi, syndicates the physical nature of pilates and calm into one location.

Pilates reformer builds core strength, stability and mind/body connection. The low intensity of reformer pilates acts as a cool break from high intensity and is good for the Taurus’ mental wellbeing.

The Well 78 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Next month: Gemini May 21 – June 21

Workout: Dancing / Combo classes / Circuit training

Gemini is spontaneous by nature and always looking for something new to try. The Gemini seeks variety and flexibility not one day ever being the same for this zodiac sign. Hence, changing up workouts is important to keeping the Gemini entertained and engaged. The ruling planet of Mercury means the Gemini is communicative and guides inquisitive thought.

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