Maddison Langshaw


The best workout according to your zodiac sign: Gemini

This Month: Gemini May 21 – June 21 Workout: Dancing / Combo classes / Circuit training Geminis are spontaneous by nature and always looking for something new to try. The Gemini seeks variety and flexibility and not one day is ever the same for this zodiac sign. Hence, changing up workouts is important to keeping […]

Coachella’s best makeup and hair trends 2019

The 20th anniversary of Coachella took place over three consecutive weekends in April this year in Palm Springs, California. We have the hottest trends in makeup and hair from the 2019 event. Dubbed as one of the biggest festivals in the world by Vogue 2019. The venue is filled with thousands of celebrities, influencers and […]

Why you need to try this partner workout Zac Efron and Nina Dobrev crushed

Zac Efron should be enough convincing already; here’s the insider into the partner workout on everyone’s mind Zac Efron and Nina Dobrev in early April smashed a partner workout and posted it to social media. Within hours it went viral, viewed more than 4 million times already. Efron, 31 and Dobrev, 30, teamed up to […]

5 things you may not know about Jameela Jamil

There are so many reasons why we love Netflix’s star of ‘The good place’, Jameela Jamil it is a hard task choosing 5 reasons we do. Jameela Jamil at 33 years of age is an actress from the Netflix hit fantasy comedy ‘The Good Place’, model and feminist mentor. Currently, Jameel is dating singer James […]

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