The secret powers of fragrance and finding the one for you

Fragrance is packed with the power to evoke powerful emotions.

The Turkish rose in Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid is hypnotic.

From Ancient Greeks to the Egyptians, Romans and French, women have harnessed the power of  fragrance to evoke the senses for centuries. It’s biological.  The part of the brain that processes emotions, also analyses scents and brings them together, so your perfume could be your power.

Fragrance can bring back happy memories and remind us of what we love or times when we were happiest.

From calming anxiety to seduction, Bondi Beauty looks at some of today’s best fragrances and the secret powers they can bring to you.

 Elegance encapsulated

Intoxicating tuberose and gardenia have a dramatic effect on the senses in Michael Kors Luxe Edition.

Michael Kors has always been a stand out fragrance. His original  signature fragrance, The Gold Luxe Edition has had 3 incarnations and the latest is as  Michael Kors Gold Luxe Edition.

The essence of the original fragrance floods the senses with tuberose, but this one fills the senses with florals including hyacinth, gardenia and sandalwood.

The powers of Gardenia are largely unknown but it is soothing and calming, especially for the heart.   In animals it is known to reduce separation anxiety, or to calm animals who’ve experienced trauma such as death of an owner or fire. In humans, the effects are similar, and strong. It can ease  delerium, irritability, headaches and even insomnia.

Combined with the intoxicating effects of tuberose, musk, patchouli, oak moss and cashmere, this fragrance is wonderful for inner peace, harmony and to radiate warmth to the outside world.

What: Michael Kors Gold Luxe Edition

What’s Unique: Calms the heart and can help you feel grounded.

Qualities you may not know about: Has amazing staying power.

Where to wear it: A stunning signature fragrance for every day to calm and guide you through life’s daily challenges.

Price:  100ml $135.00

 A Bold, Glamorous Floral.


Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid is a mystical journey of colour, rich fragrance and sensual undertones. The floral oriental indulgence enraptures the senses in much the same way Back Orchid did in 2006, when it was released and captured the fragrance market, particularly for it’s rich but unisex qualities.

This time, hints of Black Orchid abound but Brazillian purple orchid is the signature element to take it to a whole new level.  The orchid is used as an aphrodisiac in Ayurvedic Medicine, and it’s easy to understand why – it’s elegantly seductive in an instant.

Initially notes of bergamot and mandarin capture the senses, along with hints of rose and jasmine, and a unique feature is the Turkish rose oil from the southern Brazilian Coast. Hints of myrrh, sandalwood and even vanilla keep it full, sweet and crisp – and it lasts all day or night.

What: Velvet Orchid, Tom Ford

What’s Unique: Since Tom Ford landed in the fragrance market, his fragrances have raised the bar in terms of quality, and fragrance. This is another special rich, quality, luxe addition to the range.

Qualities you may not know about: The floral orientals can help reduce depression and help you feel grounded. The Turkish rose is hypnotic and helps further calm and relax you, and the jasmine can be empowering.

Wear it: At night or anytime you want to feel special and you want a fragrance that lasts. Really helps clam so perfect if you are doing a public speech or feeling nervous about a meeting or date night.

Price: 50ml$ 155.00

A walk through a lush rainforest after rain


Sisley’s Eau Tropicale may be their best fragrance yet. Inspired by the scent of a rainforest after rain, tuberose cuts right through the centre along with hibiscus, frangipani, violets and Turkish rose to flush the senses and create a depth alongside the freshness not seen in many fragrances. It also brings significant staying power. Great for anyone into fitness.

Originally from Mexico, tuberose was sacred as it was thought to be from the gods. It was used to attract love, raise compassion and open the heart chakras. It is used by many today as an aphrodisiac.

Tuberose is a wonderful tonic and stimulates the circulation, perfect during winter, and has even been known to help relieve signs of depression and anxiety and encourage self confidence. It calms the nervous system.

 What: Eau Tropicale, Sisley

What’s unique:Works from day to night and helps stimulate circulation. Great before or during  workout.

Qualities you may not know about: Helps boost self-confidence and relieve any signs of depression, also works subtly as an aphrodisiac.

Wear it: Perfect for a first or special date or for any day when you’re feeling flat or disappointed.

Price: 100ml $200

A fresh faced splash of The States

Couture Lala Malibu

Juicy Couture La La Malibu is young and vibrant. It is a fresh, fruity and floral blend of green apple, mandarin, red currant, guava with a surprising flush of wet flower petals.

Lily of the valley, frangipani and white peony bring feminine mid-notes and white musk and blond woods with a hint of pink sugar crystals sweeten it up. Young, fresh and dazzling, this fragrance is sunny and American in some ways.

The power of citrus to reduce stress has been documented by the Mayo clinic, as well as its ability to reduce appetite, aid digestion, and reduce nausea. It’s a feel-good fragrance that can life you up and make you feel positive.

What: Juice Couture La La Malibu

What’s unique: Rose fragrance can help restore energy, great if you’re not a morning person and need a pep-up or at the other end of the day if you are tired and want a natural boost.

Qualities you may not know about: White peony cools the blood, which can lower blood pressure and keep you calm. It is said to bring prosperity and happy relationships.

Where to wear it: First or last thing to give yourself an instant pep-up, also works when working out.

Price: 75ml $85.00

 The ultimate  toned and refined workout partner


A great pre-workout fragrance, as it’s subtle, has staying power but is not overbearing.  The scent is designed to evoke “the feeling you get when you wear a Burberry trench”, and it’s not far-fetched to say it actually does achieve that to an extent.  Top notes of rose absolute, peach, freesia, iris, rose dries down to  amber, creamy vanilla, and musk.

The long thin glass packaging makes it portable and fitness-friendly ( You almost feel as though you’re spraying on the luxest of luxe deodorants), and you’ll feel just as happy wearing it before, during and after your workout, even if you’re off to a VIP event.

 What: Burberry Body

What’s unique: The fragrance is very unique, and you’ll be hooked after one wear.

Qualities you may not know about: The fragrance of peach can reduce pain – super helpful if you are pushing yourself when working out doing a tough run or lifting weights.

Where to wear it: Before or after a workout.

Price: 85ml$149.

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