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Michael Klim’s heartbreak to new found success

Michael Klim’s new skincare range KLIM is the good stuff, without the fluff Former Olympic swimmer Michael Klim has released a new skincare range. Just four months after his split from Balinese wife Lindy, Michael Klim is looking better and more vibrant than ever. Dressed in black chinos and shirt, Klim was radiating health and […]

The ultimate deodorant for fitness?

Every girl knows the most important element of a workout is your deodorant. Until now, your best bet was a medical grade deodorant, but they were all white and chunky, and pieces would often fall onto your clothes, or just mark them. Mitchum have had a technological breakthrough  and have a gel roll-on deodorant that […]

The secret powers of fragrance and finding the one for you

Fragrance is packed with the power to evoke powerful emotions. From Ancient Greeks to the Egyptians, Romans and French, women have harnessed the power of  fragrance to evoke the senses for centuries. It’s biological.  The part of the brain that processes emotions, also analyses scents and brings them together, so your perfume could be your […]