How I’m Dealing with My Hair Regrowth in Lockdown

How to fix your regrowth in lockdown

A simple guide on how to cover your regrowth whilst stuck at home.

EEK! I’ve been stuck at home now for two full weeks and my regrowth is a nightmare. I’m left with no alternative, but to manage my regrowth myself. Colour it at home and hope for the best really. I mean, it’s not the first time I have coloured my hair at home, so what’s the big deal – right? It should be easy.

how to colour your hair roots at home
With the right equipment, easily bought online, you can cover your regrowth at home whilst in lockdown.

So many great beauty brands have a wide-range of semi-permanent salon quality root touch-up products designed to cover a blonde hairline or greys quickly, with ease and with very little mess or stress involved.

BioKap Spray Touch-Up RRP $24.99

BioKap Spray Touch-Up is a fast, temporary solution for covering regrowth between colour applications.

It combines the nourishing properties of Trico Repair Complex and Bio Argan Oil to help enhance hair health with each application. 

It instantly covers roots within seconds and is weather proof (not that we can go anywhere whilst in lockdown), and will last until you shampoo it out.

As it’s made from nourishing ingredients, you can use multiple times as desired, if you prefer a cleaner way to covering roots, without having to deal with hair dyes.

Available in all hair colours, from light blonde to rich black.

Brite Organix Hair Colour Made from Plants RRP $15

This dye can be used to both colour your roots and the rest if your luscious locks as well.

It’s completely plant-based, and uses henna as their hero ingredient, and will colour your hair naturally without the use of heavy chemicals.

It can be applied straight onto roots, leave on for desired amount of time. I kept mine on for 45 m minutes, before shampooing out as normal.

TIP: For extra shine and strength to roots, you can also mix in a little conditioner into the colour and blend into roots, depending on what sort ion root colour strength you desire.

Available in all hair colours from the lightest shade of blonde to raven black.

Clairol root touch up powder for hair

CLAIROL Root Touch-Up Concealing Powder Medium Brown RRP $9.59

Perfect for those moment when you are in a hurry to conceal those roots. Especially for anyone who is still going into an office for work or working as an essential worker during lockdown.

A quick brush of coloured powder on the roots to conceal any roots (or greys) showing and you’re good to go.

The powder will last as long as it needs, without you applying any product on the roots, such as hair oil, so until you shampoo out, it will keep your roots covered.

TIP: Try not to wear sunglasses on your head as it will leave a slight stain on the nose piece of your sunnies and when you go to wear them next, you will find a dirty spot on your nose from the colour.

I also tried the Clairol Root Touch-up Color Blending Gel 4 Dark Brown RRP $10.79 which worked okay to cover regrowth. Though, I did find myself having to repeat the colour treatment 8 days later, as it wore off quiet easy. Probably as it’s semi-permanent.

Watch my video below, where I talk through how to use the semi-permanent gel to cover my regrowth in fifteen minutes whilst in self-isolation.

Bondi Beauty’s Rebecca Wilkinson talks through how to cover up greys with semi-permanent gel colour.
Rebecca Wilkinson

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