Why Eyelash Extension Will Change Your Life



In case you haven’t noticed, eyelash extensions have changed in the twenty first century. Now they are quick, natural looking and permanent.

Eliminating the need to use mascara, most eyelash extensions will last you anywhere between three to four weeks. Winning!

Frustrated by running mascara at the end of your workout? The answer may just be a new generation of eye lash extensions, which will mean the end of mascara for you, as they make your lashes so long and thick, you wont need it, or want it.

You’ll step out of bed looking and feeling gorgeous – and they’ll stay on through your workouts, and everything else in your day 24/7.

Every fitness guru needs them.

Sydney eye stylist to the stars Amy Jean has mastered the technique of applying lashes that stay on through just about anything. ( I should know, I wear them during triathlons and they stay fast).

They need filling in about once every four weeks, and it’s easier (and a lot less painful) than a leg wax.

Celebrities are obsessed, which is no surprise. But be warned, once you’ve tried them, it’s tough to go back to life without them. Amy is working between three salons in Australia and New York  to keep up with global demand.

Don’t’ be intimidated – the process is simple. First the right length, colour and style of lashes are selected for your face. It’s an art form, and the whole process takes around an hour the first time, as Amy gently fits the lashes to your eyes one by one.

They are fixed fast using permanent lash technology that ensures they stay on. You simply lie there and relax. You don’t feel a thing.

The first time you see your face with lashes can be a real surprise – they add so much femininity and instantly enhance your natural features.

If you’re going to swim in them, definitely wear water-tight goggles, and if running a head band or cap is wise to keep excess sweat away.

The lashes can be cleaned with a special eye make-up remover from Amy, and you can happily apply eyeliner and shadows of any colour you like.

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