Nail Polish that lasts – without the toxins.

Want nail polish that goes the distance without the harsh ingredients? Bio Sculpture could be for you.

Bio sculpture nails are a toxin-free alternative to other gel brands.

Bondi Beauty spoke to Talya Bergmann, Marketing & Operations Manager at Bio Sculpture.

Q; What is the difference between Bio Sculpture and other gel nail products?
Most nail gels such as traditional gels, acrylic gels and gel polishes (think ‘shellac’) contain damaging or toxic ingredients like acrylics, primers or bonders. Primers and bonders act by dehydrating the nail plate in order for the the gel to ‘stick’ or ‘bond’, so you can imagine, or have probably experienced, what happens when these products are removed – the top layer of the nail that was bonded is removed too, leaving nails flaky and dehydrated.

At Bio Sculpture Gel, we have an unwavering commitment to nail health and safety and use the highest quality ingredients to ensure nails stay healthy and look amazing.

Bio Sculpture contains a unique gel formulation that is 5 star safety rated and naturally bonds to your nail, meaning no damaging bonders or primers are required. Once removed with a special gel removal formulation, your natural nails are left stronger and healthier than before.

Q; How long can gel nails last?
Bio Sculpture Gel will last up to three weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes.
How affected is the gel from sea water and sweat (i.e doing lots of sport)?

Bio Sculpture Gel will not be affected or damaged by water or sweat, in fact it will protect nails from constant water exposure or friction. We have many highly active clients that are involved in sports or regular physical activity that have Bio Sculpture Gel because it strengthens and protects their nails.

Q; Do they damage the nails?
Absolutely not! Bio Sculpture does not contain any damaging acrylics, primers or bonders unlike other products on the market, which is why you can wear and use Bio Sculpture for years and years and without the damage – your nails will actually grow healthier with time.

It is also the only company that has completed independent clinical trials and received a five-star health and safety rating.
How can they make nails stronger?

Bio Sculpture Gel is an exceptional product made of the highest quality ingredients. To keep the nails healthy we use treatments such as Bio Sculpture’s award winning Vitamin Dose and Nail Conditioner, which ensures that the nail bed and cuticles are kept in excellent condition without any dehydration or damage done to the nail.

Bio Sculpture is free from harsh chemicals and works to nurture and protect nails from the elements, so they are left beautifully healthy underneath.

Q; Tell us about the process where polish can be applied over the top to change the colour:

Since Bio Sculpture Gel is so long lasting you may wish to change the colour once in a while for the weekend or a special occasion. You can apply any Bio Sculpture Nail Polish over the top of the gel for an instant change. All Bio Sculpture nail polishes will dry in 30 seconds and are formulated not to affect the gel underneath. You can then remove the polish with our non-acetone remover taking you back to your original gel colour that is perfect underneath.

I would recommend that you only use Bio Sculpture Nail Polishes and our Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover as they are specially formulated to work with our gels and will not cause any softening or lifting. All our nail polishes are 5 FREE, and do not contain the 5 common, toxic chemicals found in most nail polishes.

Q; How much does it cost?

Signature Bio Sculpture Gel treatments in over 180 colours start from $50. All nail polishes and natural nail treatments are also available to buy from $19.95.

Q; Where does the brand come from?

Bio Sculpture was founded and developed in South Africa over 30 years ago by CIDESCO trained, cosmetic science student Elmien Scholtz as part of her quest to create the perfect healthy nail system. Elmien found that the nail products and treatments being used at the time were either unhealthy acrylic nails or regular nail polish and believed that there had to be something available in between that offered a long lasting colour polish but that didn’t chip and was still healthy underneath.

After years of scientific research, she came up with the perfect solution to beautiful, healthy nails – Bio Sculpture Gel, the first ever colour, soak-off gel product that dried instantly under a safety tested UV light, and since its founding in 1988, the company has been a pioneer in the nail market. It also introduced the first colour gel and gel nail extensions, and today is now available in more than 180 colours across 40 countries.

Q; Who is it ideal for?

Bio Sculpture is ideal for women looking for a long lasting, healthy nail care product that will not chip and who also wants to strengthen nails and improve nail growth.

As a versatile product, Bio Sculpture can do everything from nail repairs, gel extensions, nail corrections to the latest nail art looks using a range of effects including glitter, foils, studs and lace – the options are endless.

All treatments are applied by our expert trained Bio Sculpture nail technicians and are tailored to suit your particular nail type, whether you have strong, weak or brittle nails to ensure a long lasting effect.

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