Rihanna creates Fenty Beauty ‘Tik Tok House’, Exclusively for Tik Tok Creators



Purchasing a home in Los Angeles exclusively for TikTok influencers, Rihanna says she is hoping to inspire a new generation of content creators.

Pop star and beauty mogul Rihanna is no stranger to looking towards the future.

Her beauty brand Fenty Beauty paved the way for inclusive makeup, a “beauty for all” that featured tones of makeup for 50 different skin colours – a feat that was almost unheard of in the beauty industry in 2017 when the company launched.

Now, Rihanna, aged 32,  has turned her attention to social media, creating an environment that fosters creativity, inclusivity and of course, great makeup.

Purchasing a mansion in California, Los Angeles, Rihanna launched the  “Fenty Beauty TikTok House,” which she says creates a platform for the next generation of content creators.

Rihanna launching the house earlier this month.

TikTok has become a powerhouse in social media, with some claiming the Chinese video-app is even set to overtake Instagram.

“I think our generation is the sickest, the illest, the most creative,” Rihanna says on the move to open the house.

Influencer houses are set to become big

“I can’t do it alone, so to join in with the people who are influencing the world and my community and my generation, this is a hub.”

The house is decked out with a “fully stocked Makeup Pantry”, beauty stations and video-ready lighting, providing a “beautiful new space to express, learn and build community.”

Fenty Beauty house
A makeup selection available for the TikTokers can be seen in the media launch, hosted by Rihanna.

Content creators will film videos exclusively for the Fenty Beauty TikTok account, such as makeup tutorials and product releases, while also living in and enjoying the home.

Fenty Beauty tiktok house
Called “housemates” five lucky influencers will move into the Fenty Beauty house to collaborate and create content for the makeup brand.

Five TikTok influencers were selected to live in the Fenty Beauty house, including @makayladid (222K followers), @thedawndishsoap (1M followers), @emmycombss (4.3M followers), @savpalacio (394K followers) and @challxn (1M followers).

It’s not the first TikTok collaboration house to launch, either. Hype House, launched in December 2019, was one of the first influencer houses dedicated to TikTok.

A Spanish-esque mansion in a gated community in Los Angles, Hype House was created by prominent TikTok stars. It is home to 19 “housemates”, four of whom live their permanently, the others using the multi-million dollar house to “crash” when they are in town.

HypeHouse demonstrates a new wave of influencers making noise, and they’re not going away.

 Here they shoot content for their brands, collaborate on creative ventures and grow their platforms together.

And it’s a concept that works, with the HypeHouse group gaining over three million followers in the first week and a half alone. Now, in March 2020, the group has 11.1 million followers, making their reach massive.

The rise of a new social media platform

TikTok is on the rise.

Tik Tok app
The Chinese video app is set to become bigger than instagram.

Becoming a viral sensation for its 15 second video format, users can lip sync, dance to music and create comedic videos. Other brands, like Fenty, are harnessing the platform for their marketing strategies. Fenty created their TikTok account just a few months ago to market the launch of their new Full Frontal mascara.

The app was launched in 2017, and now has over 1.5 billion downloads. It’s being celebrated for the inclusivity and transparency that Instagram simply doesn’t have anymore.

It’s no secret that Instagram has become saturated by influencers posting the perfect photo and people becoming obsessed with likes and the image they portray on the platform.

 It’s what has led many to TikTok, where you’re more like to see teenagers dancing in their pajamas over influencers with perfect made up faces sharing #sponsored content.

TikTok often takes the seriousness out of social media and allows users to express themselves free of judgement.

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