This Eyeshadow Trend Is The Hottest Look This Season

Girl with green coloursplash eyeshadow. Image by bestbe models by

Strong pigments, bold colours and confidence with an eyeshadow brush are all the essentials needed for creating a fierce colour splash eye shadow look this Autumn.

The trend has quickly taken off with big names like Selena Gomez, Winnie Harlow, Emily Ratajkowski and other A-Listers sporting bright block colours swept across their eyelids.

The French fashion label, Kenzo, known for their courageous pops of colour throughout their clothing line, adopted the colour splash eye makeup trend for Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.

Three models for Fashion Label, Kenzo. Image from Official Kenzo Instagram.

The Japanese designer Kenzo Takada could only afford materials from flea markets when he first started out.  

As a result, the finished products would be a mixture of whacky block colours that in the coming decades would be recognised as masterpieces.

Whether its clothing or eyeshadow, colour continues to make its way in and out of fashion.

These are our favourite techniques to achieve the jaw-dropping colour splash eyeshadow look.


Eye Shadow Palette. Image by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels.

Colour splash eye makeup is unique, expressive and an adaptable look for any situation.

The options are endless when creativity is flowing.

Depending on the look you are going for, the only requirement for eye shadow colours are that they have a solid pigment, meaning the strength of the colour showing up on the skin.

The aim is for it to appear as if there is a block of colour displayed across the eyelid, sometimes even stretching as far as the temples.

Placing two contrasting colours, one beneath the other across the lid adds another dimension to the look.


Keeping along the theme of this bold look, shapes should be drawn as solid blocks across the eyelid.

Some makeup artists choose to follow the symmetry of a winged-eyeliner look, while others prefer to stick to everyday shapes like rectangles and squares right across the lid.

Making sure the shapes have sharp edges not only enhance the look but give it a more dramatic effect.

The more dramatic the better.

Our favourite coloured eyeshadows include Smith and Cult’s liquid eyeshadow range.

Smith and Cult’s liquid eyeshadow range allows for clean and easy application directly onto the eyelid.

The liquid eyeshadow is perfectly formulated for multiple layers of application to help achieve a glamourous colour splash eye shadow look.  

Read more about this range in our Autumn Beauty Trends article here.

Another one of our favourite products for this look includes the shimmery Mixed Metals Eyeshadow palettes by Profusion Cosmetics.  

The palettes cater to a warmer range of tones such as browns reds and oranges to work with seamlessly through the Autumn season.

Lastly, James Charles, the eyeshadow King of YouTube, has recently put out an eyeshadow palette specifically created to create bold eye looks.

Take a look at his product here and “unleash your inner artist”.

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