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Bondi Beauty has attended some incredible events launching the latest natural products and technologies. Here’s what we got up to:

Ultimate Beauty Bash by Adilla and Revlon Professional

Luxe hairdresser ADILLA in Double Bay, Sydney celebrated their 2nd birthday by launching Revlon Professional’s latest product, Eksperience. BB writers Renae and Sarah were treated to a blow dry from the fabulous Adilla team and revieved an in-salon moisturising clay hair mask. Each guest was prescribed one of Eksperience’s 6-week hair revival treatments that was tailored specifically to their hair type/concerns.

Adilla Hair x Revlon Collaboration

Youth to the People and One Day Dream

Rebecca and Renae attended the Youth to the People launch of their new Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask – hosted by One Day Dream. Guests were treated to a delicious range of vegan food including roasted veggies and tofu kebabs, nuts and fruit. Delicious cocktails were also on the menu.

Youth to the People Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask

Weleda Whole Food Masterclass with the Healthy Chef

Guests were invited to attend the Healthy Chef headquarters in Surry Hills for the launch of Weleda’s new Skin Food Range. Founder of The Healthy Chef, Teresa Cutter, provided a spread of delicious and nutritious foods from her new recipe book Purely Delicious. Guests then trialled Weleda’s beautiful new range of Skin Food products. 

Weleda Wholefoods x The Healthy Chef

Magnum Vegan Launch

Magnum stepped firmly into the health & wellness arena with the launch of a vegan version of Magnum ice creams.

A no expense party at Fonda Bondi by @edelmann PR saw guests adorn green and gold body paint, as well as nails & tattoos to match the packaging.All food including wine & spirits was vegan.

The dairy industry would argue they can’t be called dairy – but guests struggled to taste the difference. If anything, the Vegan magnum is richer.

The “ice cream” is made with pea protein & the decadent chocolate shell from Coconut oil & cocoa powder.

Magnum Vegan Launch
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