How To Get The Most Out of Your Makeup

expert makeup tips to achieve a flawless look

Makeup and your skin: To get the most out of your makeup application, you must have a good skincare routine.

Beauty influencer and makeup artist Maria Yousif talks about how to achieve a flawless makeup look, and it all has to do with skincare.

“For flawless makeup application, you must have a good daily skincare routine,” Maria says.

“What is the secret to creating flawless makeup?” This is the number one question I’m asked as a professional makeup artist, and with years of experience in the beauty industry under my belt, I’m here to let you in on this big secret: Skin

There is nothing more important than making sure your skin is well looked after and prepped before you even begin thinking about picking up that foundation.

If you want to achieve the perfect finished look, you first must eliminate dryness, dead skin, blackheads, and open pores, because your makeup will only look as good as the base you place it on. 

So often makeup is blamed for uneven application when really, it’s your skin crying out for help, so here are my top 3 tips to achieving glowing skin for a perfectly smooth makeup application and a complexion that is healthy, clear and refreshed.  

Steam and Exfoliate; this is the oldest trick in the black book of beauty

Steaming is one of the oldest and most simple ways to remove dead skin cells and dirt at home. You can do this weekly and apply your favourite serums straight after your treatment, while your pores are open and hungry for some moisture.

How to do it:

Step 1. Pour boiling water into a bowl with some fresh flowers or aromatherapy oils if you wish.

Step 2. Cover your head with a towel leaning over the bowl and let the steam roll in for 2-3 minutes. Make sure you stay a safe distance from the water so that you don’t burn yourself!

Step 3. Using a warm, damp face towel, wipe off and softly exfoliate your skin moving in circular motions, avoiding the sensitive eye area. Focus on the nose, chin, and forehead as they are more likely to be congested.

Steaming the face is the oldest and most therapeutic skincare treatment you can treat the skin too.

Use a mask; the important step to prep :

Face masks are my go-to prior to makeup application and something that you should include as prep before you prime. Masks are a favourite for me because of their quick and easy application that revitalises the skin by cleansing and removing all the nasties that stop you from looking red carpet ready.

My go-to mask is the Chanel MASQUE DÉSTRESSANT PURETÉ, a purifying cream mask which works to refine, brighten, and tighten skin texture. I have been using it for over 10 years and belongs in my pile of holy grail skincare products! Choose a mask that suits your skin type, targets your specific needs and always be sure to do your research and check reviews online before you buy.

Top Tip: Get a professional facial; there’s nothing like the relationship between a woman and her beauty therapist.

Investing in your skin is something you will never regret. It might be daunting to begin with, which is totally normal, but when you find a professional that wants to make you look and feel your best, you will never look back. My top tip here is to do your research and go with experience.

Reviews and recommendations are so important when finding someone to trust with your skin so make sure you have a look to see what people are saying about the skin therapist and clinic. Treat it like a date to find your perfect skin match. Book a consultation and to get an explanation about the treatment and products that are recommended so that you know exactly how they will benefit your skin. 

I can assure you that doing one or all the above will revive your skin and provide you with the perfect canvas for flawless makeup every time. Your skin will be glowing for the gods.

Maria Yousif

Maria Yousif is a longstanding beauty influencer and makeup artist. Stepping into the beauty industry over a decade ago, Maria’s depth of the industry makes her the go-to authority for all things hair and makeup. Utilising her Instagram and Youtbue channels with a collective reach of 180K followers, Maria has established herself as a key brand ambassador for several well-known makeup brands, such as her longstanding partnership with Ardell lashes. Maria is known for creating unique content and chic makeup looks. Her bubbly and playful personality has made her one of the most popular makeup artists in Sydney. You can find Maria and her makeup looks on Instagram @mariayousif_

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