The 10 Best Smelling Hand Sanitisers (And For As Little As $5)



Here’s how to stay safe while smelling good.

Hand sanitisers have become a mandatory beauty product and a hand bag staple over the past few months, and some beautifully fragranced products are out there.

Hand sanitisers work to destroy viruses and bacteria with a high alcohol concentration that causes the outer membranes of virus cells to break, which easily and quickly destroys pathogens. 

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to stay infection free is to apply hand sanitiser regularly when in public. 

We have found some of the best smelling hand sanitisers to put straight in your hand bag:

Glasshouse Fragrances

Price: RRP $29.95 for 250mL

The luxury candle brand has tuned into the hand sanitiser craze and created a Lost in Amalfi: Sea Mist scented hand sanitiser that leaves hands disinfected and perfumed. This larger hand sanitiser can be left at home for use upon entry and departure or used to fill smaller bottles for travel. Great value for money.

Buy it online at Glasshouse Fragrances.

Glasshouse Hand Sanitiser

Daily Shield

Price: $12 for 50mL

A hand sanitiser that smells like lemon cake and protects hands for 24 hours? That’s what Daily Shield is promising. A special formula creates an invisible film that doesn’t rinse off for a whole day but is food safe, non-alcoholic and delicately fragranced. It comes in a pump pack that produces a foam that easily sinks into skin. 

Buy online at Daily Shield or at Woolworths.

Daily Shield Hand Sanitiser Foam

Maison Blanche

Price:  RRP $22 for 125mL

This sleek spray hand sanitiser is handmade in Sydney and comes packaged in a signature cotton bag. There are different floral scents available and it is enriched with essential oils, aloe vera and vitamin E whilst abiding by World Health Organisation recommendations. They also make a smaller gel hand sanitiser that comes in four different scents.

Buy online at Maison Blanche.

Maison Blanche Hand Sanitiser


Price: $14.95 for the 65mL spray and $29.95 for the 450mL bottle

Ecoya’s gorgeous new hand sanitisers come in both a spray which is perfect for travel and a pump ideal for home. These hand sanitisers come in five different scents including Guava & Lychee, Sweet Pea & Jasmine, Lotus Flower, and Coconut & Elderflower. It also has aloe vera to help hands feel extra refreshed and moisturised. 

Buy online from Ecoya.

Ecoya hand sanitiser

Merci Handy

Price:  RRP $5 for 30mL

A travel sized hand sanitiser gel that is perfect in a hand bag for on the go use. There are five different scents including Flower Power and Mystic Fruits. Features cute and colourful packaging on a squeeze bottle.

Buy online or in store at Mecca.

Merci Handy Hand Sanitiser

Archie Rose Distillery 

Price:  RRP $20 for 500mL

Making a more liquid consistency than typical hand sanitisers, Archie Rose follows the World Health Organisation and Australian Department of Health guidelines to repurpose the Sydney distillery to make regulatory hand sanitiser.

The batches made have varying scents, from grapefruit and thyme to Native finger lime and raspberry. This is a huge size, so it is suggested to fill up other smaller dispensers or bottles that can be carried more easily.  Amazing value for money.

Buy it online or in store, where you can also pick up a bottled cocktail.

Archie Rose Hand Sanitiser

Dr Bronner’s

Price:  RRP $8 for 59mL 

This eco-friendly, organic hand sanitiser only has four ingredients and comes with a spray nozzle to spray on hands and other surfaces. It is lavender scented and a travel friendly size.

Buy it online at Cosmetics Now.

Dr Bronners Hand Sanitiser

Palm Beach Collection

Price: $24.95 for 325mL

This luxury hand sanitiser comes in two sensational scents, sea salt or coconut and lime. It is paraben free, vegan friendly and comes with a fast drying formula to make it even easier to sanitise quickly.  

Buy it online at Palm Beach Collection.

Palm Beach Hand Sanitiser

La Clinica

Price: $19.99 for 500mL

La Clinica’s hand sanitiser has a formula that kills viruses quickly without leaving hands sticky or dry. The lemon oil and aloe vera give a gorgeous scent and help protect hands even more. This hand sanitiser is available in a range of sizes and is also available in a spray for surface decontamination. 

Buy online at La Clinica.

La Clinica Hand Sanitiser

Maison 21 G

Price: $16 for 15mL

Maison 21 G, the French haute perfumery presents decadently scented hand sanitsers to keep hands clean and perfumed. Essential oils help moisturise hands to promote healthy skin and further keep pathogens at bay. With scents such as sage and lavender or orris and vanilla, this hand sanitiser will be a hand bag staple.

Buy it online at Maison 21 G.

Maison 2.1 G Hand Sanitiser

Fluff Pocket Sanitiser

Price: $13

This hand sanitiser is enriched with jojoba oil, tea tree oil and ashwagandha root, which help to keep hands soft and smell great while killing infectious agents. This hand sanitiser also doubles as a makeup brush cleanser, so you can keep your brushes free of bacteria. This hand sanitiser has more bonuses, the packaging is reusable, it is not tested on animals, is natural and 70% alcohol.

Buy here.

Fluff cosmetics hand sanitiser

Read about how to make your own hand sanitiser with essential oils here.

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