Buying the contraceptive pill online? You bet.



One in five women has had unsafe sex simply due to forgetting to pick up their contraceptive pill. All that is about to change, as buying the pill online is now a reality.


Australian women can now buy the pill online.

As long as a woman has perviously been prescribed the pill, she can now safely get it online, simply by:

  1. Selecting a treatment at and completing a questionnaire
  2. Waiting for Australian doctors  to review the completed questionnaire answers and decide if the requestedtreatment is suitable.
  3. You receive the prescription, and patients can then choose to have it filled anddispensed by Terry White Chemists and delivered to their home, or request a paper prescription to be sent that can be filled at any chemist they choose.


Bondi Beauty asked Aussie GP Olivia Chen some of the basics: 

Does this process cut out a doctor or do you always need a doctor’s prescription?
Lloyds Online Doctor allows patients to consult with an Australian doctor online, via a messaging system, so they no longer have to get an appointment or sit around in a waiting room. Just like a regular doctor, we ask questions and decide if prescribing is safe. The only difference is that we are not in the same room.

If so, how do you get the doctor’s prescription to the chemist?
Patients can opt to have a paper prescription sent directly to them or have their prescribed medication sent to them by our partner pharmacy. If the order is urgent we can also fax and call the patient’s pharmacy. What is important is giving our patients choice.

How do women ensure they buy the right pill for them?
We offer a repeat prescription service, so generally women ask for a repeat of their existing pill. However, if a patient is concerned about the side effects of their current contraception we can provide alternatives. Each woman is different so it’s important that they get the best contraception for them.

Are all pill brands available?
Yes, and we also provide contraceptive patches and rings. We are also looking to expand our service and encourage patients to let us know what they would like to see on the website. Not all medications can be prescribed safely online, but we have pioneered a number of services, such as asthma and home STI testing, that our patients in the UK really appreciate.

Is this an Aussie company?
We’re part of a larger international business, with colleagues across the globe. Our Managing Director is from Invercargill, New Zealand! Myself and my two doctor colleagues are Australian and have a lot of experience treating Aussie patients.

What about Viagra and men’s erectile drugs – do they require a prescription?
Yes, everything we do is based on a doctor’s consultation. That is the key difference between our service and a typical online pharmacy. Men really appreciate the discretion an online service provides, whereas our female patients like the convenience.

Who is this service ideally for?
If you are busy with work or kids and want a convenient, affordable way to get your repeat prescription then we can help at Lloyds Online Doctor. As per a face-to-face consultation, it’s not suitable for everyone. We ask over 30 questions per consultation and make our decision based on the patient’s responses.


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