5 Beauty Vloggers To Watch

We have picked our top 5 beauty vloggers that will not only give you beauty inspiration but are also total girl bosses.

1) Lauren Curtis

Instagram: @lozcurtis || 1.5 million followers

Youtube: Lauren Curtis || 3.6M subscribers


Curtis was the first Australian YouTuber to hit 1 million subscribers. Having started her channel back when she was nineteen, we fell in love with Curtis not only for her flawless makeup game but also for her honest and humble nature.

During her Get Ready With Me videos; Curtis shares everything from moving to Perth to Bondi, to dealing with bullies, friendship fallouts and heartbreaks.

2) Chloe Morello

Instagram: @chloemorello || 901k followers

Youtube: Chloe Morello || 2.1M subscribers


Just like us, Morello is obsessed with makeup and that’s what sparked her YouTube career. One of her more popular videos is titled Perfect Winged Eyeliner which has more than five million views.

Funny and unfiltered, we fell in love with Morello for her honest makeup reviews and hilarious antics, such as using sanitary pads to stop eyeshadow fallouts.


3) In The Frow

Instagram: @inthefrow || 766k followers

Youtube: InTheFrow || 550k subscribers



Victoria is the girl you want to be best friends with. Whether she’s off gallivanting in the Maldives, attending London Fashion week or attending Cannes Film Festival as L’Oreal’s hair ambassador, she’s the go-to girl for all things fashion, beauty and travel.

With one of the fastest growing beauty channel, she is the ultimate cool girl.


4) Nikkie Tutorials

Instagram: nikkietutorials || 7.6M followers

Youtube: NikkieTutorials || 6.8M subscribers



In her years of doing makeup tutorials, it seems that there’s nothing that Nikkie can’t do. Nikkie has accumulated her large following through her impressive makeup skills such as recreating the latest celebrity makeup looks to hottest beauty trends to scary Halloween looks.

There’s no doubt about her skills when it comes to makeup. She even did a whole beauty tutorial only using kid’s makeup! And yes, it was still #makeupgoals.




5) Zoella

Instagram: Zoella || 11M subscribers

Youtube: Zoella || 11M subscribers


Before vlogging was even a thing, Zoella (Zoe Sugg) was already on YouTube sharing her latest drugstore hauls and makeup tutorials. Sharing her favourite products in all things makeup, fashion, hair and skincare.

Her sweet, honest and down-to-earth nature is what Zoe so easy to watch. As the first ever female in the UK to reach 10 million subscribers, there is no stopping Zoella.


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Marielle Punzal


Marielle is a lover of all things fashion and beauty, and is usually seen with a coffee in one hand and makeup swatches in the other.

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