How To Recycle Your Shampoo Bottles In Minutes

Schwarzkopf have introduced an amazing program to recycle all brands of hair care products in an attempt to reduce landfill.

On average, it takes a shampoo bottle a whopping 70 to 450 years to decompose.

Beaches around the world are littered with plastic pollution, and have become a graphic manifestation of our choice to opt for convenience rather than caring for the environment.

Packaging plays a critical role in delivering beauty products. It’s what differentiates one product from another.

But in an ever-increasing ethically conscious world, people have begun to question what happens to packaging after usage.

More often than not, we throw shampoo and conditioner bottles in the recycling bin and pat ourselves on the back.

Schwarzkopf has launched an initiative to reduce landfill.
Schwarzkopf has launched an initiative to reduce landfill.

But hair product packaging has actually been difficult to recycle because of the combination of materials they’re made of – aerosols, caps, pumps, plastic stirrers, and tubes, and a lot of it ends up in landfill.

Taking initiative in the industry, Schwarzkopf have partnered with TerraCycle – a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste.

This partnership means Schwarzkopf’s retail hair care, hair colour and hair styling products are now recyclable nationwide.

This is one giant step in the right direction to offset the environmental impact beauty products have on the environment.

And they’ve taken it a step further by including any haircare products from any brand within the recycling program.

This means Schwarzkopf is providing an opportunity to divert up to 147 million units of hair products from landfill.

The recycled waste will be converted into a variety of new products including park benches, bike racks, pet food bowls and recycling bins.

But it’s going to take effort to protect and preserve the planet.

To take part, all you have to do is register online at for the Schwarzkopf Cares Recycling Program.

Once registered, you can pack your used hair care packaging into any available box and simply download a free shipping label from the website and send it to TerraCycle for recycling.

On top of this, Schwarzkopf has promised that for every one kilo of waste received from any one individual, they will donate $1 to a charity of choice.

They’ve also announced a goal for their own brand for their packaging to be 100% recyclable or compostable by 2025.

We need more brands to adopt a green mentality like this and work towards a circular economy for plastic and sustainable packaging.

The industry is slowly responding to the shift in consumer sentiment and we need to make sure we do too.

How do you incorporate eco-friendly products into your beauty routine?

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