Why You Should be Careful Which Vitamin C Products You Buy

how vitamin c in your skincare can help you

Did you know vitamin C skincare products begin to expire the moment they are opened and exposed to air?

Vitamin C, also known by its scientific name of L-ascorbic acid, is a multipurpose skin enhancing antioxidant with a reputation in being one of the best free-radical fighting ingredients in skincare.

But despite its benefits, vitamin C can be very high maintenance, making it difficult to stabilise.

As soon as a vitamin C product is opened, it starts to oxidise slowly. The actives and the compounds inside the bottle begin to change as it’s already reacted to the oxygen outside, rendering this one magical ingredient useless without you ever knowing it.

It’s because of this, many vitamin C products expire the moment they are opened. And if not used within the first weeks of opening, with each passing day, the vitamin C component will begin to degrade bit by bit.

My favourite thing about vitamin C is how is reverses the signs of ageing and also functions as a barrier for your skin, shielding it from free radical damage due to environmental aggressors, like pollution and UV rays from the sun.

It’s also great for any skin type, including sensitive skin.

For example, If you have skin inflammation, severe acne, hives, actinic keratosis, rosacea, allergies, eczema, and measles, stay away from highly concentrated vitamin C products, as they may cause further irritation.

I would recommend that if someone has sensitised skin conditions or any other major skin concern, it is best to patch test the product for 24 hours. If no problem occurs, start using the product once a week, every second day, then increase usage slowly until their skin gets used to the product and you can use daily.

I spoke with Carmen Le, founder of Efani Co. Skincare, an Australian skincare brand whose ethos is based around skin solutions backed by science with years of research on natural skincare, on the effectiveness of vitamin C and how it can save your skin.

Can you explain a little about how vitamin C expires?

“Sure. So, in a closed bottle it could be stable for up to three years. However, once opened, the potency of the vitamin C could last for a maximum of six months. And this goes for most vitamin C beauty products.

That is where vitamin E comes in. With a proper formulation, Tocopherol (vitamin E) helps boost the stability of Vitamin C without losing its effectiveness. It also increases the skin brightening effect of vitamin C and provides very powerful antioxidant protection.  

The science behind it all states research combining 15% L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) And 1% Α-Tocopherol (vitamin E) shows that application during four days provided progressive results that yielded a four fold enhancement in antioxidant protection”, Carmen explains.

However, there are ways of looking out for the best types of vitamin C products.

“Our vitamin C serum has twenty percent concentration of vitamin C and its pH is low, the skin penetration speed is much faster compared to other Vitamin C products but it creates a slight stinging sensation. It does not affect the product’s potency and effectiveness though and it would only go down to the skin tolerance of each user of the product.

When it comes to potency. It’s hard to formulate with L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) due to its instability nature, that’s why some companies tend to settle on Vitamin C derivatives. But with the right formulation there are many products with a highly stable and effective vitamin C component.

Check out some of our relatively stable formulas below.

Speisialtóir Vitamin C & E Serum RRP $99.95

This is a powerful antioxidant serum which combines 20% pure vitamin C and vitamin E. It will help combat free radicals that damage the skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, stimulate collagen production, and improve your skin tone and texture.

Boost Lab Vitamin C Brightening Serum RRP $29.95

Scientifically developed using the latest brightening Gold Standard ingredients and soothing essentials, this serum will even skin tone, clear dark spots and brighten skin for a radiant glow. This highly targeted blend of vitamin C and vitamin B3 will quickly penetrates into the skin to provide long lasting benefits.

spascriptions brightening face mask

Spascriptions Brightening Vitamin C & Glycolic Acid Hydrogel Face Mask RRP $17.99

A powerful face mask which packs a powerful dose of vitamin C and Glycolic to stimulate the cells for clearer and well hydrated skin. Vitamin C stimulates collagen and cell regeneration, where the glycolic aspect transforms dull skin to a radiant dewy complexion.

Andalou Brightening Turmeric & Vitamin C Enlighten Serum RRP $34.99

Made using fruit stem cell complex technology, this face serum uses a b lend of turmeric, vitamin C, and skin-friendly magnesium ascorbyl phosphate to support the enzymatically dermal vitality of skin. It will target over-exposed surface cells for a lighter, tighter, brighter looking appearance and a luminous complexion.


Skinstitute Vitamin C 100% RRP $49

This incredible powder form of straight 100 percent vitamin C works with any skin type, no matter how sensitive it is. And it can be mixed into any form of skincare products you like. You simply place a twenty cent sized amount of your fave moisturiser in your palm and sprinkle some of this vitamin C powder into it, mix well and then apply to your face. Same goes for serum or even a face oil. Skin is instantly brightened and hydrated.

Aesthetics RX C Serum 23% Radiant Firming RRP $109

A lovely light serum, which dries fast and is easy to wear under any other skincare product, especially makeup products. It will help eliminate and repair any signs of ageing and is a lovely blend of vitamin C, vitamin E and Ferulic Acide which help brighten skin and keep skin well hydrated throughout the day.

Alya Skin Vitamin C Superchargedhttps://www.priceline.com.au/alya-skin-serum-35-ml Serum RRP $39.95

Boosted with a blend of 4 Vitamin C powered Aussie Natives & Hyaluronic Acid, this perfectly blended serum will brighten skin tone ands and promotes a natural glow, improve collagen production & skin elasticity, and keep skin protected from free-radical damage.

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