I Tried Natural Deodorant For 3 Months And Loved It.

Asuvi natural deodorant

These are the products I would actually recommend.

As a fitness instructor and professional sweater, I rely on deodorant like the air I breathe. It’s what get’s me through 4 hours of HIIT classes and then a Bondi Beauty team meeting.

Sweating is a part of life, it’s a form of temperature regulation and control, and as such, is not something humans should be preventing themselves from doing. That’s the problem with a lot of antiperspirant deodorants – they actively block your sweat glands.

Plus, many of the drugstore deodorants are filled with chemicals, often leading to skin irritation, possible health risks, and even making perspiration worse. Given that the skin is the body’s largest organ, I decided that I would prefer to limit its exposure to strong chemicals.

However, if you have ever experimented with natural deodorants you may know that a nice smelling, effective and fuss free product is difficult to come by. That’s why I made it my mission over the last few months to trial over 10 didn’t natural deodorants, so that I could bring you the top 3.

Before you convert to natural deodorants, we recommend a 7 day armpit detox to aid the transition.

Asuvi Refillable Deodorant (RRP $22)

Asuvi Refillable Deodorant
Asuvi Refillable Deodorant

Firstly, this refillable deodorant extremely sustainable. Asuvi encourages its customers to purchase the first refillable deodorant tube, which is made of 100% recycled plastic, and from then on purchase biodegradable refills. This way, you can better the environment and your sweat glands at the same time. The formula itself is extremely buttery and feels more like a moisturising paste to apply. My favourite scent is Palm Grove which is a warm sweet scent likened to coconuts & vanilla. The scent itself is very strong, so it overpowers any other odours you may produce throughout the day and it lasts the whole day too.

Biode (RRP $19)

Biode Zero Waste Deodorant

Formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients such as apple cider vinegar and coconut oil, this product is safe for your skin and the earth. This biodegradable deodorant comes in cardboard packaging, with a push-up tube that is very easy to use. The scent is unisex and filled with ‘woody’ proprietary blend of essential oils – hence the name, Into the Woods- to neutralise odour for all-day protection. This deodorant is slightly harder to apply than the Asuvi one, due to its waxy formula, but once it is on, it is completely invisible and will not mark clothes, which is a huge bonus.

A’kin Natural Deodorant (RRP $9.95)

A’kin Natural Deodorant
A’kin Natural Deodorant

This is a great budget-friendly deodorant. While I would argue that it is not as effective as the other two, it is still up there as a winner. This formula is far more liquid and hence feels a lot lighter and easier to apply. The rollerball applicator makes it a fuss-free experience, and the liquid nature of the formula makes it clear to apply. While I can’t say for certain if it lasts 24 hours as advertised, it definitely lasts over 12, making it a great everyday essential item. The packaging is plastic, which while not particularly sustainable, it does make it a great travelling companion as it is less likely to spill or smash going from A to B.

No Pong All Natural Anti Odourant (RRP $8.95)

No Pong
No Pong All Natural Anti Odourant

This all natural tin of goodness will not only kick B.O to the curb, but the lemongrass and citrus scent will turn your pits into a freshly cut meadow. The bicarb based deodorant comes in a small and compact tin, making it perfect for travel or on the go-touch ups as it will fit into even the smallest of purses. You don’t need a large amount of product either, meaning it will last a whole month. The product comes almost like a balm, meaning you have to use your fingers for application, but this may make the application process even more discrete for touch ups as you don’t have to pull out a big stick and put on a smelly show.

Tara Mckenzie

Like many of Bondi Beauty's readers, Tara has two main passions; health and beauty. As a group fitness instructor you'll either find her dripping in sweat during a HIIT class or with a full face of bronze makeup. If you meet Tara in person be prepared to act excited as she tells you all about your star sign and why you should start carrying a rose quartz around in your purse.

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