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The Lip Lab Sydney has launched their very own Build Your Own (BYO) foundation, which is customised to your skin type and skin tone.

The Lip Lab, which is a US concept, is a gorgeous lip bar in Paddington, where you can go to create your own lipsticks or lip glosses, all custom made and on the spot while you wait. You choose your own colour, texture, and finish like glossy or matte, and add in additives like antioxidants, and flavours. Pink Champagne is a favourite.

And now, you can create your very own personalised foundation.

The BYO foundation allows you to pick your colour, your mix, your additives before the Lip Lab team, then combine all your choices with pure pigments and toners with skin enhancing ingredients to offer you the perfect liquid foundation with the perfect finish. And it’s paraben and cruelty-free too.

Whether you prefer a matte finish, oil-free foundation or a mineral rich combination, the team at the Lip Lab really know their stuff.

What to expect when you go:

First, in order to obtain the best personalised foundation possible, the Lip Lab will spend a few important minutes discussing everything about your skin, before moving on to what you want out of a foundation. Whether you are prone to acne, suffer from either excessively oily skin and if you prefer a matte or low sheen finish to your face.

This way the perfect foundation can be created to help you combat skin problems, without causing further issues and give you a flawless foundation cover, which won’t be affected from whether you have oily or dry skin.

Once this stage is completed, the mixing starts. It starts with a base, then the colour is added, followed by the right toner to match your skin type and colour, before any additives required to help with skin problems are then added.

The process is fairly quick and you do need to remove any makeup you’re wearing prior to starting, in order for the Lip Lap team to work with your skin type and obtain the best foundation for you. This involves continuous patch testing throughout the creation, followed by a full cover of the foundation once you are happy with the finished product.

We sent writer Rebecca Wilkinson to try out the BYO foundation and here’s what she said:

“I have fairly oily skin, so I have struggled finding the right foundation for many years now. And whether I use a powder or a liquid foundation, normally after an hour of wearing, my skin looks shiny from the oil. I wore the BYO foundation from the Lip Lab for more than 3-hours before washing it off, and I was amazed to see the foundation was still as good as it was when it was applied 3 hours ago. No oily spots, no re-application needed. I think I just found my foundation for life.”

The foundation will set you back $75 for a 30ml bottle, but it’s worth it as you walk away with a personalised foundation made just for your skin and no one else. The Lip Lab will also keep a file on what you created, so are able to re-order for $65.

Bookings are recommended, especially on weekends as appointments fill up quickly. To book yourself in, click here.

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