How Young Sydney Women Spend Their Money

This is how young Sydney women spend their money every week, and fitness and beauty are up there.

Ever wondered where the people around you spend their money? Sydney is one of the world’s most expensive cities, but many young women still seem to be able to find money for some of the finer things in life – including beauty products and personal trainers.

From sustainable clothes shopping at the Maplestore in Newtown, to salon treatments and more, these are the ten most common items of expenditure young Sydney women (under 35) spend their money on each week, and surprisingly fitness is number four, and it is before beauty.

Sydney is one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Rent or Mortgage Payments: Housing costs, including rent or mortgage payments, are typically one of the largest expenses for individuals in Sydney given the huge cost of living.

Food, including dining out: The cost of groceries and dining out makes up a significant portion of monthly expenses for many young women.

Transport: Expenses related to transportation, inclduing as fuel, public transport fares, car maintenance, or ridesharing services, are real costs for many women in Sydney.

Health and Fitness: Expenses related to fitness including club memberships, gym classes, personal training sessions, wellness retreats, and health-related products or services are common among women under 35 in Sydney who prioritise their physical and mental well-being.

Memberships to fitness clubs like Bondi Icebergs area priority for young Sydney women.

Entertainment and Partying: This category includes expenses related to any leisure activities, including movies, concerts, events, hobbies, sports, and recreational outings.

Clothing and Accessories: Sydney women often allocate significant funds for clothing, shoes, accessories, and personal grooming products to reflect their personal style and keep up with fashion trends.

Beauty Products: This includes expenses for skincare products, makeup, haircuts and styling, salon services, and other personal care items.

Technology: Expenditure on electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or accessories, is common for women in this age group, and never ends as everything is regularly upgraded

Young women invest in their health and fitness.

Travel and Vacation: Women under 35 love travel and most allocate a portion of their budget for domestic and/or international trips, including flights, accommodations, dining, and experiences. A lot of this is for wellness retreats or holidays with friends.

Debt Payments and Savings: Many Sydney women allocate a portion of their income to debt repayment, such as student loans or credit cards, and savings for future goals like emergencies, investments, or homeownership.

Young women save for travel.
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