These Hydrating Masks Will Help Your Skin Get Spring Ready

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Is your skin feeling dry and flaky after Winter? Try these five masks which help skin hydration for Spring.

When the cold chills begin to fade into clear warm sunny spring days and winter becomes a distant memory, now is the perfect time to shed old skin and renew with these five masks to reveal a fresh new face.

Naturally Serious Hydra Plumping Mask RRP $56

Naturally Serious Hydrating Plumping Mask

Created by the founder of June Jacobs, Naturally Serious is a revolutionary new naturally based skincare brand which stands true to be legitimately natural and clinically proven to back its claim also. If you’re a fan of botanical, you will love this mask as it smells like a walk through a botanical rainforest.

It is a cream-based texture and loaded with natural ingredients lime oatmeal for soothing, Kaolin Clay for cleansing and Radish Root and Shea Butter for Hydration. It is a clay drying mask, so after application, kick back and relax for ten minutes before washing off with a warm face washing, to reveal plump glowing skin.

TIP: If you find the mask drying too quick, have a face spritz handy (a plain water or Rose Water based face spray is best) to spray lightly on the face when the mask begins to set.

L’Action Paris Two Step Face Ritual Masks RRP $7 each

L'Action Paris Two Step Face Ritual Mask, 4 packets

These two step masks are a fabulous way for obtaining instant results. Each kit contains a face scrub and a mask for one time use with packaging made easy for travel. From masks which detox, to ones which sooth and another which hydrates, you can easily purchase one for each skin concern and take them wherever you go.

Our favourite is the Hydrating Spa Ritual Mask kit includes a gentle exfoliant made with seaweed to scrub away dead skin cells to allow for the hydrating white clay mask made with orange and palmarosa essential oils to boost natural hydration.

TIP: For extra hydration, wet a face washer with hot water (not too hot where you will burn your hands and face) and place over your whole face after applying the mask. Sit and relax with your eyes closed for at least 10 minutes before washing off. The steam from the hot face washer will keep pores open, making it easier to absorb all the yummy ingredients from the mask.

Yes To Tomatoes Snap MASK STICK with Charcoal RRP $23.99

Yes To Tomatoes Snap Mask Stick with Charcoal

Well-known skincare brand from California Yes To, known for their cucumber, tomato and orange infused beauty products have gone next level and developed an easy to use stick applicator for applying this charcoal mask to the face. No more dirty brushes or fingers.

You use the stick to apply the mask around your face and when it’s time to wash, simply use a warm face cloth to remove and reveal fresh, clean skin. Made with charcoal and tomatoes, this mask is ideal for cleaning clogged pores to allow better access for moisturisers to go in deep for better hydration.

TIP: Try not to wind up the stick too much when applying the mask to the face, as the clay is soft and moveable and probe to break off when applying too much pressure. Roll up slowly when applying to prevent any breakage.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Melting Clay Mask RRP $21

Innisfree Jeuju Volcanic Melting Clay Mask

Innisfree have finally launched their stunning brand here in Australia and we couldn’t be more excited. Their products are made from the best natural ingredients possible and are so affordable for $100 you could stock your cupboard with essential beauty products, enough to last you at least a few months. Winning.

Their volcanic melting mask is formulated using clay from the volcano of Jeju Island, home-base to the creation of this incredible brand and works to gently break and melt away excess sebum in the pores to reveal clear, smooth skin. This mask is also self-heating, which you feel instantly after applying as you begin to spread across the skin it gently warms to help open pores for a deep clean. The texture is soft and smooth with small clay particles for exfoliating and the mask is non-drying, meaning it stay wet and dewy and doesn’t dry out.

TIP: Make sure to cleanse the skin well before applying this mask, to ensure all dirt and excess oil has been removed to allow the deep penetration of the volcanic clay to sink deep into the pores for an extra cleanse and pore purification.

Sukin Coffee and Coconut Exfoliating Masque RRP $16.99

Sukin Coffee and Coconut Exfoliating Mask

If you love your coffee products for skincare, but your skin easily irritates with exfoliates which may be too harsh for sensitive skin, this is the perfect product to use. Although it does contain small ground coffee particles, the mask is infused with caffeine which means the mask has been designed to sit on the skin for a deep hydrating cleanse and moisture boost, rather than using the ground coffee to exfoliate away dead skin cells.

The coconut component of the mask is perfect for clearing blemishes as it is contains natural antibacterial agents which work to kill off any infections on the skin, to quicken the healing process of any blemishes. The texture of this mask is soft and silky and doesn’t dry hard. Skin feel soft and revitalised after use.

TIP: If you have time in your AM skin care ritual, this mask is a great skin awakener in the morning if you wake up after a bad night sleep or had a late night from before.

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