Prejuvenation – The Skincare Routine Gen Z Are Adopting

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Millennials are already trying to prevent the onset of ageing with advanced (and expensive) skincare methods.

Millennials are very different from their predecessors in a multitude of ways – particularly in their beauty habits. There is an obsession across the globe with prejuvenation – maintaining youth and preserving looks for as long as humanly possible.

Social media has created a platform that favours the most beautiful and eternally glam, creating a sense of fear to reveal any signs of ageing.

J.Lo has long adopted the prejuvenation technique and is notorious for looking fierce at 51.

Of course, there is much assistance from beauty brands, miracle creams, treatments, doctors and even surgeons to stretch this preservation. As time progresses, it is not uncommon to see people in their 20s and 30s going for botox.

It has even led to this new and intriguing trend called prejuvenation. Some may be more familiar with rejuvenation which is the action or process of giving new energy or vigour to something. Most importantly, skin.

Rejuvenation is used amongst older women who have begun to see signs of ageing and stressing. Their skin has begun to expose long days spent out in the summer sun or perhaps of big nights full of alcohol and laughter.

Age and stress lines are inevitable.

Prejuvenation is a combination of the words prevention and rejuvenation which can be thought of as a preventative approach to ageing amongst younger women.

It’s the fastest growing field in dermatology and plastic surgery, combining preventive measures with rejuvenation. 

Prejuvenation treatments are designed to increase collagen production, support elastin function, and preserve facial volume – all key signs of a younger complexion.

Instead of waiting to see signs of ageing and then attempting to turn back the clocks, millennials are attempting to stop the clocks all together by getting in early.

Those who adopt prejuvenation are attempting to stay three steps ahead of the ageing game by engaging in non-invasive techniques such as chemical peels, fillers, botox and laser skin resurfacing as early as possible.

Women as young as their 20s are opting for botox and fillers.

Embracing these methods into a beauty routine will mitigate the need for more invasive corrective surgery in the future.

Once wrinkles have formed it is much more difficult to erase them than by simply delaying their onset.

This technique is most commonly used by celebrities and influencers who rely on their sustained good looks for their success.

But with beauty products and treatments becoming more and more affordable, these lavish treatments are accessible to the everyday working girl.

If prejuvenation sounds like too much of a commitment for now, the easiest way to protect your skin from ageing is to wear sunscreen everyday and limit alcohol consumption. If you’d like to hear some more tips click here for 20 skincare tips for people in their 20s.

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