These Wellness Pods Could Be Headed To Your Workplace By 2021

Lady sitting in a Wellness Solutions O2 Chair.

The Wellness Solutions wellness pods are the newest incentive for workplace environments to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of their employees who are not working from home.

Wellness pods are recliner-like chairs that allow staff to indulge in a little self-care during their mid-morning, lunch or afternoon breaks.

Tony De Leede, an established wellness entrepreneur and the founder of Wellness Solutions, has coined this break, “the wello”, much like a “smoko” but focused towards health and well-being.

By encouraging workers to take short periods of time out of their day to focus on their wellness, studies have shown that they experience a significant boost in productivity levels, an improved level of cognitive functioning and a higher consistency in work engagement.

Tony said, “We are resetting the world of wellness and businesses are getting on board. They realise how important it is to have their staff functioning with less stress.”

In order to properly de-stress, Wellness Solutions offer three types of wellness pods.

The first wellness pod is called the O2 Chair which focuses on guiding users through meditation sessions and breathing simulations.

Wellness Solutions O2 Chair
Wellness Solutions – O2 Chair

These exercises are accompanied by a warm massage in order to gently loosen up stiffness from sitting at a desk all-day.

The chair is programmed to conduct guided-breathing through the diaphragm rather than the chest as this promotes better oxygen flow to the brain, slows down the heart rate and also releases built-up tension or stress.

The second wellness pod is called the Recovery Chair which mimics a traditional massage chair but with the luxurious addition of customisable scanning technology that gives employees a personalised experience. 

Wellness Solutions Recovery Chair
Wellness Solutions – Recovery Chair

Automatic body detection is used to modify the massage and alleviate stress and fatigue by stimulating blood circulation around the body.

This experience allows the whole body to unwind and recharge, ready for an afternoon of high productivity.

Wellness Solutions also offer an Infrared Sauna option which uses infrared heat technology and colour light therapy to promote rejuvenation of the mind and body.

Wellness Solutions Infrared Sauna
Wellness Solutions – Infrared Sauna

Sweating it out in a sauna is an effective way to rid the body of toxins and boost energy levels.

The light therapy feature incites healing and regeneration through different colours.

For example, yellow has a calming effect which would help to ease anxiety before a big presentation whilst violet fuels creativity which would be useful before a team brainstorm meeting.

Each wellness pod fits 1 individual for a completely isolated experience.

Whilst the short-term benefits mainly consist of a decrease in stress and an increase in work productivity, users also reap the long-term benefits of better-quality sleep, muscle and joint recovery, reduced blood pressure, healthier heart function, skin purification and lastly, improved posture.

All wellness pods from Wellness Solutions are available for rent, lease or direct purchase.

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