A New Era Of Makeup Inspired By Euphoria



The popular HBO show Euphoria has sparked the interest of a whole generation.

It’s not just because of its relatability to teens and their coming-of-age issues but because of its awe-inspiring make-up and iconic fashion.

Euphoria follows a 17-year-old girl named Rue (played by former Disney actress Zendaya) who struggles with drug addiction as well as the raw, emotional issues that comes with being an adolescent in high school.

The show dedicates an episode to each character’s story, dealing with topics such as sexuality, transsexuality, drug addiction, abusive relationships and broken homes.

With up and coming talents including Hunter Schaefer (who plays Jules), Alexa Demie (who plays Maddy) and Barbie Ferreira (who plays Kat), it was up to leading make-up artist Doniella Davy to create jaw-dropping makeup moments throughout the season to accompany the powerful storylines of each character.

Not only did she exceed expectations but successfully inspired a wave of young adults to fearlessly reach deep into the depths of their creativity and re-envision the breathtaking Euphoria looks in their own ways.

Davy’s talents lay particularly in the eye shadow realm as she cleverly framed the eyes of each character, carefully depicting their emotions and inner thoughts through an array of colours, glitter and diamantes.

Whether it be Maddy’s no-bullsh*t, diva-like persona that perfectly matched her fierce winged-eyeline and her long fake eyelashes.

Or Jules’ whimsical, fairy-like aesthetic that was expressed through a ton of face glitter, accompanied by softer pink and red eye shadow tones.

To Kat’s bold, block eye shadow looks paired with a softer undereye shadow to draw parallels with her cold exterior that sheltered a fragile and gentle heart.

A running theme throughout the series was the unapologetic nature of each character’s makeup style.

The following pictures capture some of the brilliant eye makeup looks of these characters throughout their debut season.

Maddy Perez played by Alexa Demie

Jules Vaughn played by Hunter Schafer

Kat Hernandez played by Barbie Ferreira

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